Friday Favorite Five


I’m fond of making lists, so I thought I’d start making some list posts as a regular thing on Fridays. To keep things simple I’m just calling them Friday Favorite Five. (I briefly looked around to see if anyone was already doing something similar on Fridays, but didn’t see anything so thought I’d make my own.) These will be pretty random topics, because that’s how I roll.

Here is where you can find upcoming topics as well as past posts. Please feel free to join in by making a list of your favorites!

Thanks to my blog partner for brainstorming and helping to come up with these topics!

Upcoming Friday Favorite Five Topics

  • December 14th 2018 – Favorite Fantasy Romance Novels
  • December 21st 2018 – Favorite Books with Desert Settings
  • December 28th 2018 – Favorite Books with One Word Titles
  • January 4th 2019 – Favorite Award Winning SFF Novels
  • January 11th 2019 – Favorite Short Story Collections / Anthologies

Past Friday Favorite Five Posts


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