Life Update and Such

Hey all, it's been almost an entire year since my last update here. Last year I really thought, naively, that I would ease myself back into blogging. That was rather silly of me. I didn't even read much last year - only 26 books and most of those were manga volumes or romances. Long story … Continue reading Life Update and Such

Weekend Plans: Some Bookish and Some Non-bookish Things

Happy Saturday everyone! Hope you all are geared up to enjoy your weekend in one way or another. I'm still really behind in reading and writing up reviews so I thought I'd do a bit of an update post today. I'm feeling a lot better from last week, most of my anxiety is back to … Continue reading Weekend Plans: Some Bookish and Some Non-bookish Things

Off The Grid Readathon!!!

The Off The Grid Readathon was created by Shanah from Bionic Bookworm and is co-hosted by Justine over at I Should Read That--which is where I first heard about this wonderful event! Thanks to these two for creating and running this challenge. This readathon is quarterly and the first one of the year starts this … Continue reading Off The Grid Readathon!!!

Kushiel’s Legacy Read Along at r/Fantasy

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to give a quick head's up about this. For those of you that don't know me well, I've been a member of the r/Fantasy community on reddit for 4 years now. There's a lot of great community driven resources, reading challenges, book clubs and other reading projects over on r/Fantasy. One … Continue reading Kushiel’s Legacy Read Along at r/Fantasy

This Week in Reading: Magicians and Whatnot

Last week was a bit of a whirlwind for me, lots of social events this past weekend and other commitments so my reading has shifted around a bit. I finished Farseer but haven't yet picked up The Song of All. Think I'm going to read a few more lighter books before diving into that one, … Continue reading This Week in Reading: Magicians and Whatnot

This Week in Reading: Finishing up Fitz, Zombies, Fairytale Re-tellings, and Finnish-inspired Epic Fantasy

I'm still finishing up Assassin's Quest but the good news is I only have about 150 pages left, and I'm also really enjoying this one. I finally hit a stride with it late last week into the weekend. I have to say, I like Fitz's character much more in this third book. I do have … Continue reading This Week in Reading: Finishing up Fitz, Zombies, Fairytale Re-tellings, and Finnish-inspired Epic Fantasy


Good morning and Happy Monday, WTF. Today, I'm stepping back into this joint blogging endeavor and letting my once-briefly-noticed blog Stark Writing Mad fall by the wayside. I realized a while back that I could blog regularly or write novels and stories, and since my various characters have a lot of pull in my head, … Continue reading Homecoming

New Arrivals!

A few new books have been added to my gigantic never-ending to-be-read mountain! The top two are brand new books just published this month. First up is Moonshine by Jasmine Gower. The first thing that struck me with this book was the beautiful cover. (I admit I'm a bit of a sucker for a lovely … Continue reading New Arrivals!

2014 Book Challenge: Week One Update

The Unicorn Blues

I have not one, but two book challenges that I’m working on in 2014. The first is my own personal resolution to read more books (but specifically to read four a month, or a total of 48 books). Last year I read a grand total of thirteen books (wth???). Or rather thirteen books that were new to me, I also re-read some books but I didn’t count them because they weren’t new experiences.

The second challenge I’m doing (really to help motivate me to finish the first) is the Reading Bingo challenge (brought to my attention by my friends and fellow editors at Way too Fantasy, C.J. Casey and June Faramore). I’m not going to re-post the pic or the rules, you can find out all about it in my post about it from the other day if you want.

The first full week of 2014 has passed…

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The Silence Is Deafening

Will do this for my next publishing project.

K Morris - Poet

One of the joys associated with e-books is the fact that most are accessible to people with a visual impairment. As a blind book lover who is not able to read print I relish my ability to read e-books either on my Kindle or using the Kindle app on my iPad, via the text to speech facility (on the Kindle) or by Apple’s in-built screen reader, Voiceover on my iPad.

I was disappointed to find that a book recommended to me by an acquaintance (and available in the Kindle store) does not have the text to speech facility enabled thereby rendering my purchase of the title in question pointless as I would be unable to read the work in question.

As an author I can understand the legitimate desire of writers to protect their work from copyright theft. All of my books are Digital Rights Management (DRM) protected rendering them…

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