Book Review: The Oddling Prince by Nancy Springer

I'm struggling with a way to begin this review that won't sound like I'm incoherently babbling about how much I loved reading this because, for me, it's just that great a book. So, I'll start in the usual way, with a short summary of the book. The Oddling Prince takes place in the kingdom of... Continue Reading →


Cracked: Five Ugly Truths of Superhero Movies

Somewhat related to tonight's discussion on superhero fantasy. -- CJKC

Free, Out of Print Pulp Fiction

Now that I have your attention: Munseys is a website that has free, out of print pulp fiction... over 1600 volumes and counting. Granted, most of them seem to be of the soft-core or exploitation variety, but there are some gems buried in here, such as a few works by Algernon Blackwood and Robert E.... Continue Reading →

Read This Now: Sword in the Storm

I have a few more movie reviews for my irregular series on lesser-known works of fantasy, but I've been on vacation all week. However, reading and recommending a lesser-known or hidden work of fantasy is another thing I've wanted to do thanks to similar columns that used to appear in Fantasy and Science Fiction. Like... Continue Reading →

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