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Time Travel and Historical Fantasy

Last week we talked about Historical Fantasy, and after bringing up my definition of the distinction between Alternate History (involving something that could really happen, but didn’t, such as Germany losing the Franco-Prussian War, or Kennedy surviving the assassination attempt) … Continue reading

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Movie Review: The World’s End

I finally managed to get around to seeing The World’s End last week after coming home from my massive road trip of massiveness. The World’s End is about Gary King, played wonderfully by Simon Pegg, who is perhaps more than … Continue reading

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I’m going back to the list I published some time back of non-USAnian science fiction films for this article. One of the films on there that I’d heard of but never quite gotten around to seeing was the Spanish film … Continue reading

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The Fantastic Tele-Vision Machine: Orphan Black

(I apologize, somewhat, for the hyperbolic title. I’ve been reading a lot of golden-age science fiction and the semantics tend to be a little bit contagious. Then again, one should never apologize for reading golden-age science fiction) About five minutes … Continue reading

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WtF a Fantasy Podcast #2 – Scifi as Fantasy

Here’s our second cast, broadcast and recorded earlier today. Apologies if anyone tried to jump in on the broadcast, we were super late due to multiple tech issues. This week we talk about Scifi and how it relates to Fantasy … Continue reading

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Pacific Rim: A Non-spoilery Review

For different reasons (former anime obsession, love of Japanese horror/monster films, an admiration for Guillermo del Toro’s stylistic choices as director) the movie I’ve most anticipated coming out this year is Pacific Rim. For those of you that aren’t geeks/nerds, … Continue reading

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