Free, Out of Print Pulp Fiction

Now that I have your attention: Munseys is a website that has free, out of print pulp fiction... over 1600 volumes and counting. Granted, most of them seem to be of the soft-core or exploitation variety, but there are some gems buried in here, such as a few works by Algernon Blackwood and Robert E.... Continue Reading →


Bride of the Swamp God!

One of our new friends, Davide Mana of the Karavansara blog, just published a novella at Amazon. I've just finished reading it and I have to say that I'm quite impressed. As far as I can tell, it's his first published story, and I hope it's not his last. It's positively dripping with everything good... Continue Reading →

WtF a Fantasy Podcast #11 – Sword and Sorcery

A little late, but here's our latest podcast. Conan, D&D, Howard, Moore, and the examples of Sword and Sorcery in some modern media. Hope you enjoy! To download, right click and hit Save Link As.     Panelists: June Faramore Lisa Richardson CJ Casey Webcast Notes: 00:01 - theme and intro 01:45 - definition, waxing... Continue Reading →

Sword and Sorcery: ElfQuest

Most of what we focus on, here in our office located in the ninth dungeon level of the Way Too Fantasy Tower of Despair, are books. Sometimes, we'll talk about movies. And I believe we discussed Sandman and Preacher once upon a time. But today I'm going to cover comics. Specifically, fantasy comics. Extraspecifically, ElfQuest,... Continue Reading →

WtF a Broadcast Episode #11: Sword & Sorcery

Here's our latest webcast. It was all about Sword & Sorcery this week. We talked a bit about the origins, definition, and some of the iconic S&S characters, such as Conan. There was also a good bit about Dungeons and Dragons rpg. Enjoy! Panelists: June Faramore Lisa Richardson CJ Casey   Webcast Notes: 00:01 -... Continue Reading →

Swords? Sorcery? Heroes? Dungeons? Dragons? Sign me up.

Creeping into the deepest darkest basement of the old neglected shop, Seejay the Valiant kept his eyes on the target ahead of him. For years, he had heard of the legendary tomes and treasuries of ancient knowledge, but he had never before dreamed of being in the same room as them (let alone having a... Continue Reading →

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