Review Policy

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by Way Too Fantasy and considering me to review your novel.

NOTE: I’m currently full up on TBRindr review requests through the end of August.

A few things: my to be read pile is huge and while I am working my way through it as fast as I can, I will always have just a bit of backlog. I’m certainly open to shifting my reading schedule around a bit to accommodate a request, but it has to be something that really catches my interest.

Things I Like

The types of fantasy I currently lean toward most are:

  • Urban Fantasy
  • Fantasy of Manners
  • Romantic Fantasy
  • YA Fantasy and Science Fiction
  • Space Opera
  • Historical Fantasy

I do also enjoy epic fantasy novels but they generally take me a lot longer to get through so I don’t read them quite as often (maybe 10 a year).

I mostly read traditionally published authors but have read some independent and self-published authors as well.

If Your Book is Accepted for Review

I will do my best to get to your book in a timely manner but also understand that I am somewhat of a ‘mood reader’ and I really do have to be in the right frame of mind to pick up a book. I try to set a reading schedule but it isn’t always possible for me to strictly follow it. If your book has an upcoming release date I will try my best to get to it before or around that date. If you have specific requirements regarding the timing of reviews with release dates please let me know in your request.

I will always give my honest opinion of a book. I do try to pick books that I think I will enjoy, so my reviews tend to reflect that, but if I do not like a book I will be honest about why it didn’t work for me. I do keep in mind that not every book is for every reader and just because I didn’t like a particular book doesn’t mean someone else won’t, so I feel like it’s still worth writing a review even if the book wasn’t for me. If I accept your book for review, you will get a review.

Any review that is from a request will state in that review that a book was provided for the purpose of review.

Reviews are posted here on my blog, at goodreads, Amazon (once the book is released), and occasionally on reddit’s r/fantasy community.


I accept both ebooks and print books for review. If I accept your request I can give you the appropriate information for forwarding the book on for review. For requests you can reach me at  You can find out more about me and further contact info on my about page here.

Keep in Mind

I do also have a blog partner here at Way Too Fantasy who may be open to some review requests as well. Although there is some overlap in the types of things we enjoy reading, we do have different tastes in speculative fiction and he tends to enjoy sword and sorcery, epic fantasy, literary fantasy, and magical realism. It’s possible that he may be open to reviewing your book if I can not or it falls outside of my normal tastes. I can pass along a request to him but as most of his time is spent writing novels rather than reading them there is every chance that your request may not fit his schedule and could be turned down.

While I would like to accept every request that comes my way, unfortunately it’s just not possible.

We’re not paid reviewers here and blog because it’s fun and we enjoy reading and discussing books. Review requests are more likely to be accepted if they are a fit for one of us as a reader. Thanks again for considering Way Too Fantasy!




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