This Week in Reading: Finishing up Fitz, Zombies, Fairytale Re-tellings, and Finnish-inspired Epic Fantasy

I’m still finishing up Assassin’s Quest but the good news is I only have about 150 pages left, and I’m also really enjoying this one. I finally hit a stride with it late last week into the weekend. I have to say, I like Fitz’s character much more in this third book. I do have a feeling I’m at a point where a giant wrench is about to be thrown into everything (because despite some difficulties, things have been moving along in the story fairly well) and I’ll be crying and wanting to throw the book across the room. We’ll see.

After Assassin’s Quest I’m going to need something that ends on a good note so I have Heart’s Blood by Juliet Marillier lined up. This is a fantasy romance and a re-telling (I gather) of Beauty and the Beast so I’m pretty sure I’ll love this one. I really loved Marillier’s Blackthorn and Grim trilogy and wanted to read more of her work and this one seemed a perfect fit for me. She is great at writing character growth and has a way of pulling the reader in emotionally.

If that’s a quick read I next have The Song of All by Tina LeCount Myers lined up. This is a epic fantasy inspired by Finland. The frozen north, a legendary warrior…can’t wait to dive in. I may not get til this until next week though but will hopefully be starting it near the end of this one. Depends how fast I read.

In audiobooks, I’m currently in the middle of World War Z by Max Brooks. I had read the book a long time ago but picked up the audiobook when friends told me the full cast audio production was worth a listen. I am enjoying all of the different actors voicing the various characters in the book, and they way they’re breathing life into (ironic for a zombie novel, now that I think about it…). Hoping to finish this up mid-week.

Currently I do not have another audiobook lined up so I’m planning to dive into some more of LeVar Burton’s podcast, LeVar Burton Reads. A friend from the r/fantasy community suggested this one to me and I’m really glad he did because I love it. LeVar Burton reads short fiction and also gives some commentary on it. The episodes are relatively short and listening to him read stories brings me back to my childhood watching Reading Rainbow. Also, he does cover a good amount of SFF stories. I’ll be using a couple of these to finish out my bingo card for r/fantasy bingo (which ends on the 31st so no time like the present!).

Well, that’s it. Looks like I have a pretty busy reading week ahead of me. What are you currently reading? Share in the comments, I’m always looking for new books! Happy reading!

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