Book Review: Iron Gold by Pierce Brown

I am a big fan of the Red Rising series by Pierce Brown. In fact, the audiobooks of Red Rising, narrated so fantastically by Tim Gerard Reynolds, are what sparked my love of audiobooks. It wasn't only the narration, which is really top tier, but also the energy of the story itself that made me... Continue Reading →


This Week in Reading: Southern Gothic, How-To Feed Your Hero, Young Nobles With a Touch of Fey, and Witchery

This week I'm finishing up two books from last week before starting a couple of new ones. I'm about twenty percent through What Kings Ate and Wizards Drank by Krista D. Ball. So far this has been a pretty fun read. Sure it's non-fiction, but it's also a humorous read and a pretty informative writing guide.... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Sisters Mederos by Patrice Sarath

I was immediately interested in this book because it's a fantasy of manners which is one of my favorite sub-genres of fantasy. I enjoy stories about folks navigating society, especially if they also point out that society's constraints and issues there may be within it. I was not disappointed as The Sisters Mederos does a... Continue Reading →

Favorite Reads of 2017

I'm perpetually behind on things, constantly catching up on reading, writing, and a myriad of other things and this should come to no surprise to anyone who knows me well, but writing this post has been on my list of things to do for several weeks now. Anyway. Most of these books were not published... Continue Reading →

My Year in Fantasy Reading – 2017

I'm finishing out the year having read 102 fantasy (speculative fiction) novels and 150 books overall. I did read several fantasy manga (mostly a total re-read of Fruits Basket and whatever was available of The Ancient Magus' Bride), but I didn't include them in the stats here, only novels. Some General Stats 102 novels consisted... Continue Reading →

WtF a Fantasy Podcast #30 – Lisa & Jen’s Great Big Book Geek-Out

On the webcast today we geek out about books, recent things we’ve bought and read, and awesome places we get books from. Enjoy! As always, feel free to download a copy and listen to our cast on the go!   To download, right click this link and select ‘save link as’. Panelists: June Faramore Lisa... Continue Reading →

WtF a Fantasy Podcast #27 – Novellas

On last night's webcast we talked about fantasy and science fiction novellas. Kafka's The Metamorphosis was mentioned, along with some of King's work and McCaffrey. We also talked about a lot of novellas collected in The Science Fiction Hall of Fame anthology along with many, many others. Tune in to find out all the details!... Continue Reading →

Issue Four: Division

We’re extremely happy to present our fourth issue of Way Too Fantasy. Click the cover below to enter the issue’s Table of Contents. Special thanks to all our contributors for this issue, and past issues, you guys continue to be awesome. Want to be a part of Way Too Fantasy? Just check out our submissions... Continue Reading →

NaNoWriMo and the Diversity in SFF Debate

In the last week since the NaNoWriMo site has been revamped, I've been spending some (probably more than is wise) time poking around in the forums, especially the fantasy forums, because, hey, that's my thing. I've been keeping an eye on one thread in particular called 'What do you want to see more of in... Continue Reading →

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