Friday Favorite Five: Places to Chat About Books

For previous posts and future FFF topics check out my Friday Favorite Five page here. Favorite Five Places to Chat About Books Today I'm going to be talking about talking about books! Sometimes it's hard out there for book lovers to find other book lovers in the wild to talk about the books we love.... Continue Reading →


This Week in Reading: More Progress Made and an Ambitious Week Ahead!

Well, I had a GREAT week in reading last week, despite having an after work event one evening and work being really crazy. I managed to finish three books, all of them science fiction or fantasy! Books I conquered last week: Shards of Honor by Lois McMaster Bujold, The Last Sun by K.D. Edwards, and In... Continue Reading →

The Currently Reading Book Tag

I was tagged by Kal @ Reader Voracious, thanks so much! This tag was a blast to fill out. 🙂  If you're not already following Kal, highly recommend checking out her blog, she's just fantastic and really contributes a lot to the book blogger community. Her Reading Around the Globe series highlighting bloggers from various... Continue Reading →

This Week in Reading: Here We Go Again

Well, this will be short and sweet. Pretty much the same as last week! Read two books - finished up The Goblin Emperor, and a romance novel, and that's it. Didn't make ANY progress on things I'm supposed to be reading. Welp. I'm also super behind on blogging stuff. Welp. Also work has gotten crazy,... Continue Reading →

This Week in Reading: Stuck in a Rut

Well, last week was another bust with trying to finish books that I'm actually supposed to be reading. Major anxiety struck exacerbated by a few things I had going on and it all went downhill from there. Being a mood reader combined with anxiety and depression means comfort read city. I still managed to finish... Continue Reading →

2019 Audiobook Challenge – 1st Quarter Update

This year I decided to sign up for the Audiobook challenge run by Hot Listens and Caffeinated Reviewer because it sounded like a lot of fun and just my type of thing since I already listen to a lot of audiobooks. More details about the challenge can be found in my original post here. Levels of achievement:... Continue Reading →

This Week in Reading: Here We Go, Here We Go Again

Well, last week was a bit of a cluster as far as my reading schedule goes. I didn't manage to get a lot of reading time between work and stuff going on at home. Also, for some reason I spent most of the week totally and completely exhausted. Not sure if it's allergies or what,... Continue Reading →

2019 r/Fantasy Book Bingo Reading Challenge

Some of you have probably noticed me talking about book bingo  around here and were wondering what exactly I was going on about. Well, now that it’s after April 1st (the start of the new bingo period) I thought I’d do a post about it. r/Fantasy Book Bingo is something I initially started on kind... Continue Reading →

This Week in Reading: Back to the Grind Redux

Ah, well I only managed to read one book on my list last week, and two books not on my list. At least one of the 'not on list' books is one that I've been meaning to read for a while, so there's that. Anywho, due to a bunch of craziness that struck mid-week, I... Continue Reading →

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