This Week in Reading: Better Late Than Never

Hello! I didn’t post yesterday as per my usual because I ended up being sick most of the day Sunday and all day Monday. This is the 2nd or 3rd time this year I’ve had some kind of major stomach issue. Maybe it’s time to see a specialist or maybe I just have bad luck, I don’t know. Sigh.

Anywho. Not much to report on the book front, actually. I did have two new arrivals:

First up, highly anticipated She Who Became the Sun by Shelley Parker-Chan. So excited for this book, hopefully I will feel like reading it soon. ❤

Next up my ebook of The King of Faerie by A. J. Lancaster appeared on my e-reader app so that was also very exciting as I’d been waiting for this final book to the Stariel Quartet.

In reading news, I didn’t really continue with my Tsubasa reading last week as I got distracted watching dramas trying to fend off major depression. I guess the good news is that I made an appointment for a therapy consultation and I hope that it goes well because I really need some help in that area of my life.

Anywho, I did manage to finish a single book over the last week and that is The King of Faerie! Of course. If anything could bring me out of a reading funk it’s the Stariel series. I loved this ending so much. And I’m especially glad we’re getting a spin-off book focusing on Marius and Rakken because I really need this ship to sail lol.

As for what I’m reading this week? I have no idea. I have a bunch of things to catch up on around the house that I didn’t get done because I was down for the count for two days due to being sick and then most of last week for falling into the black hole that is depression. We have a contractor coming Friday to redo the insulation in our attic so we have to get ready for that and we also have to get things cleaned up for when we go away that weekend in August. Also, I just don’t know if I’ll be in the mood for much reading as I don’t seem to be lately. Which is rather depressing too but the reading urge will come back eventually so I’m trying not to be too sad over that.

So, that’s been my week. Hope you’re all doing well!

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