This Week in Non-Reading

I didn’t mean to wait so long before posting yet again but I haven’t really been reading at all (still) except for catching up on some web comics now and then. Not really sure what this malaise is all about but I am hoping it will go away soon. So, some updates on life and what I’ve been doing.

When I was sick a couple weeks ago I ended up going to the ER that Tuesday morning and being out of work for two days rather than just Monday. Turns out that I was fine but I had been in a lot of pain in the stomach area and wanted to get checked. They did a CT scan and found some kind of lesion (most likely a cyst) on my liver so I have a follow up appointment with a GI specialist this coming Thursday to get that checked. I’ll admit I’ve been low-key anxious about that but there’s nothing I can do about it right now so trying not to worry. Anywho, because of that I missed my first therapy consultation and had to push that back but I had it and I do like the therapist so we’re going ahead with that and I also have my first full appointment for that this Thursday. I don’t know why I scheduled so much for Thursday when I’m going away for the weekend early Friday morning but there we have it. I guess I like to make my life as complicated as possible. *shrug*

The weekend came and I was feeling somewhat better so I hung out with friends all weekend. Saturday I went on a mini-roadtrip to PA to drop some things off at a friend’s house and then we did shopping and eating. On the recommendation of my friend we stopped by this cool bookstore in town which had FIVE bookstore cats. I definitely petted one.

Then Sunday we got together with my best friend and her folks and went out to a Korean restaurant that I had no idea existed so nearby. What a find! I had been in the mood for kimchi stew for a while and because it was a rainy day and cooler it ended up being perfect weather for it. The spices! I was so happy eating that. Then we went back to her place to play some board games. We played Ex Libris and Canvas.

Work was slow all this past week but despite that I had overwhelming anxiety. My sleeping was really bad and I would do nothing but work and then come home, go to my room, binge watch dramas until midnight or 1 or even 2am before having to get up and go to work again. I read this article this week about people who are functioning depressants or people who have depression ‘with a smile’ and I think that describes me to a T. If I didn’t talk about it and you didn’t see me suffering at home you probably wouldn’t even know because I try to just get through the day as best as I can most of the time. Which can make it hard to get people in your day to day life realize the depths of your suffering. Because it doesn’t *look* like you’re having a hard time, right? Also I feel guilty about not doing all the things that I want to do (like reading and blogging and chores around the house) but… is what it is.

So this past weekend my husband and I went to the drive in movies and we saw that new Escape Room movie (which was okay) and Suicide Squad (which was actually a lot of fun if a bit over the top with the gore factor for me). I guess it’s not that it was too gory but I don’t like when gore is played for laughs, I don’t know, I have this weird thing where that bothers me. Just certain kinds of humor don’t work well for me. But! I did really have a fun time overall with it. Then I meant to get a bunch of projects done on Saturday but ended up taking a long mid-day nap like an old person which left me groggy the rest of the day. Alas. Back into dramaland then. Sunday was a day of finally getting things done. Because I had to.

As for books, I did get a few new arrivals.

First up, my actual last Owlcrate for a long while – This Poison Heart by Kalynn Bayron. This one looks right up my alley so I’m excited to check it out. Then the good folks at Wunderkind PR and 47North were kind enough to send me Star Mother, the new Charlie N. Holmberg book. I’m a fan so I may actually break my non-reading streak with this one! Hopefully. Maybe even get a review up. Finally, my pre-order of A Lesson in Vengeance by Victoria Lee arrived. Also excited for this one. Hoping that my reading funk will be over soon and I can dive right in to some of these because things are really piling up. πŸ˜€

That’s about it for updates. Hope you’re all doing well, I miss ya! ❀

13 thoughts on “This Week in Non-Reading

  1. Mary Drover says:

    Sending you lots & lots of love and hugs, Lisa! I’m so glad you got to pet some bookstore cats, they are truly the best there is in the world. ❀ One of these days, I swear that I'm going to read more Holmberg. Although, at this point, it's going to be, like, 10+ books that I have to read, haha.

  2. cupcakesandmachetes says:

    My husband was told he had a lesion on his liver after an ultrasound on his spleen. When we arrived at the MRI place, they told us 9 times out of 10 it’s a false read. I’m not saying not to get it checked, obviously do that, but it might ease your mind a little. Husband’s was in fact a false read. Fingers crossed it’s nothing for you too. ❀

    • waytoofantasy says:

      Yeah, even if it is something it may just be a cyst so I’m not too concerned although I also generally get anxious about any drs appointment haha. Better to get it checked though! Thank you!

  3. @lynnsbooks says:

    Hope everything goes okay with your appointments. You sound like you had a great weekend and the food looks delicious.
    I also found myself a little down (lets just say depressed) after my lovely dog left me. I couldn’t sleep and sometimes would be awake just staring at the ceiling until 4 am in the morning. I do think time has helped and hopefully that will be the same for you.
    Take care and be nice to yourself πŸ˜€

  4. Susy's Cozy World says:

    I am sorry tonread that you are struggling and that you didn’t feel well. I hope that your appointments would go amazingly well!
    And at least it sounds like you had a great week end!! 😍
    Also, your new books are so beautiful!!

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