New Arrivals!

Well, I never really did a book haul post in January other than my Discworld book haul post, so here are some of the books I've picked up in the last month and a half. Some of these I've already read (and reviewed!) but they're my latest acquisitions so here they are. 🙂 Physical Books... Continue Reading →


New Arrivals!

My schedule is a bit off this week because I need to catch up on review writing, so have a book haul post instead! 😀 Wow, it's been a while since I've done a book haul post that was a regular book haul and not for some special event. So buckle up, cuz I've got... Continue Reading →

New Arrivals!

Well, besides my haul at the Baltimore Book Festival, I have made some other acquisitions this past month. Surprise surprise! Wow, I didn't realize how carried away I got with ebooks until I was putting together this post. Ummmm, well most of them were either free or on sale at least. O.o  Some of these... Continue Reading →

Baltimore Book Festival 2018

Sorry it took me a while to get this post out, I've been pretty busy catching up on a bunch of things since spending an entire weekend out and about festivating. 😀 For the last several years the Baltimore Book Festival has been held in downtown Baltimore in the heart of the inner harbor. It's... Continue Reading →

New Arrivals!

Normally I save these posts for Sunday's but I'm shuffling things around a bit due to my schedule and being super behind in reviews. Sorry! Woke up Monday morning unexpectedly with a bad case of poison ivy spread over half my face and my eye a swollen mess (that's what I get for trying to... Continue Reading →

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