This Week in Reading: More Bumps in the Road

I’m sorry I missed last week. I have no excuse accept that it totally slipped my mind about posting last Sunday night. Whoops! Trying to get back into some sort of routine here but that’s proving to be more difficult than I thought it would be lol.

The week before last was pretty uneventful. I started reading A Marvelous Light by Freya Marske but still haven’t finished it yet. Weekend before last I spent all weekend busy with housework and putting up my Christmas decorations. Then this past week was Thanksgiving. We took my mom with us out to dinner with my husband and in-laws (we go to the same restaurant every year–it’s so much easier than having a dinner at someone’s house).

Then on Friday morning my mom called me saying she thought she was having a heart attack. Long story short I spent the entire day on Friday up at the ER with her and she seems to be doing fine but she’s still in the hospital as it’s Johns Hopkins and they’re being *very* thorough. The Drs think that her shoulder/back pain was a muscle strain and but they are trying to get her BP regulated well (which it seems to have been over the weekend) because it was very high on Friday and she’s been having issues with that for months. Of course the Dr also said it may have gone up because of a medication her ear Dr had prescribed her for an ear infection she had at the beginning of last week. Anyway. That story wasn’t that short. The short version is my mom panicked thinking she was having a heart attack but is probably fine and will probably be home later today or tomorrow.

It has been a *month* y’all. And this coming Saturday is my dad’s memorial luncheon and that’s just going to be very weird all around but I’m going to make do. Still have a few things I have to prep for that so I guess I’ll be a little busy this week as well.

In book related things, I’m starting to get excited about Worldcon! It’s my first one and I’m hoping it will be fun. I’ll get to meet more of my fellow r/fantasy mods and see some that I haven’t met up with in forever. Are any of you planning on attending? Let me know, maybe I’ll see you there.

I finished a single book during the past two weeks – the new romance by Olivia Dade – All The Feels. I just adore this series. The emotional content is great, the humor is good, the absolute take down of the showrunners of Game of Thrones is fantastic–so much shade I love it. I’m also still reading A Marvelous Light and quite enjoying that one it’s just taking me forever because, well, see above. Mostly read the Dade book while waiting in the ER waiting room for 6 hours on Friday–thank goodness my kindle app is on my phone.

I also did get a couple of new books in the mail again because pre-orders weeeee.

First up is The Nobleman’s Guide to Scandal and Shipwrecks by Mackenzie Lee. I really enjoyed the first two books in this series and am looking forward to the third. Next we have Our Violent Ends by Chloe Gong. Couldn’t pass up the Owlcrate edition–needed a matching set! 😉

This week is going to be busy for me because of after work appointments, dealing with getting my mom home from the hospital, prepping for my dad’s memorial, etc. But I still hope to find enough time to finish up A Marvelous Light! Not sure what I’ll be reading next but we’ll see where my mood takes me. What are you reading this week? Leave me a note in the comments, I’d love to chat with you all. ❤

12 thoughts on “This Week in Reading: More Bumps in the Road

  1. Mary Drover says:

    I just finished up Our Violent Ends yesterday, and I thought it was a very satisfying conclusion. A little too melodramatic for me most of the time, but the plot was super interesting, and it held my attention all the way through!

  2. Zezee says:

    Glad your mom is doing okay.
    I also want to go WorldCon. I’ve been procrastinating on getting a ticket because of Covid and all, but now things at work is busy and I’m moving the same days as the event so I’m guessing I won’t have time, which I’m bummed about because it seems silly to me to not go when it’s being hosted in my area 😩 Hope you have fun though and let us know how great it is.

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