Monthly Wrap Up: November 2018

Wow, I can't believe November is over already! Only one more month of 2018 to go, I feel like most of this year has just flown right by. November was a weird month for me. At the beginning of it I was super busy with activities and then near the end of the month stuff... Continue Reading →


Book Review: An Easy Death by Charlaine Harris

Summary: Set in a fractured United States, in the southwestern country now known as Texoma. A world where magic is acknowledged but mistrusted, especially by a young gunslinger named Lizbeth Rose. Battered by a run across the border to Mexico Lizbeth Rose takes a job offer from a pair of Russian wizards to be their... Continue Reading →

Book Review: The Murderbot Diaries series by Martha Wells

This is short series of novellas that I binge read and then had to wait a couple of weeks for the last one to come out. Now that they're all available and I've read them all I decided to review them all together. Weeeee, Murderbot!   The Murderbot Diaries are four novellas by Martha Wells... Continue Reading →

New Arrivals!

Well, besides my haul at the Baltimore Book Festival, I have made some other acquisitions this past month. Surprise surprise! Wow, I didn't realize how carried away I got with ebooks until I was putting together this post. Ummmm, well most of them were either free or on sale at least. O.o  Some of these... Continue Reading →

Baltimore Book Festival 2018

Sorry it took me a while to get this post out, I've been pretty busy catching up on a bunch of things since spending an entire weekend out and about festivating. 😀 For the last several years the Baltimore Book Festival has been held in downtown Baltimore in the heart of the inner harbor. It's... Continue Reading →

Monthly Wrap Up: August 2018

August has still been a pretty busy month for me with social activities and work--we're short staffed and for two weeks out of the month I was pretty much on my own and it left me feeling burned out and not like doing much of anything once I was home. Yet, somehow I managed to... Continue Reading →

New Arrivals!

I haven't been focused on acquiring books lately because I've been trying to get down my TBR pile (ha. ha.), but there are always new things coming out and books that I'm interested in checking out so I have picked up a few new things here and there. I've only gotten one new ARC -... Continue Reading →

This Week in Reading: More Mysteriousness, Apocalyptic Plagues, Monstrous Gentlewomen, and Eli Monpress

So, as I predicted I'm still working on finishing up two books from last week's list. At least I feel like my goal was realistic knowing how busy I was going to be. But still, I think I had a pretty good week (I did actually read more--got a bit distracted by some romance) and... Continue Reading →

The Fancy Tea Party Book Club

I've been meaning to write a post about this for a while now but keep getting distracted. Whoops!   I'm not only obsessed with books, but I'm a bit obsessed with tea and tea cups and other assorted china. I love going to antique stores and picking up new things for my collection. Well, after... Continue Reading →

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