Free, Out of Print Pulp Fiction

Now that I have your attention: Munseys is a website that has free, out of print pulp fiction... over 1600 volumes and counting. Granted, most of them seem to be of the soft-core or exploitation variety, but there are some gems buried in here, such as a few works by Algernon Blackwood and Robert E. … Continue reading Free, Out of Print Pulp Fiction


I've spent this morning reading a new (to me) blog called Karavansara. Written by a 'freelance paleontologist' and fantasy pulp author in Italy, he covers pulp, fantasy, sword and sorcery, and writing. Mi piace questo blog... benvenuti a Way Too Fantasy, Davide... (I apologise for my crappy Italian... I left Italy in 2003 and regretfully … Continue reading Karavansara