Friday Favorite Five: Fall Reads


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Favorite Five Fall Reads

Well, it’s that time of year in the northern hemisphere, Fall is officially here! The leaves are starting to go, the weather starting to turn, and pumpkin spice has invaded everything. Fall in Maryland doesn’t usually last that long, but it’s the perfect time to go out and enjoy the more temperate weather between the hellscape of Summer heat and humidity and the cold and barren Winter. This is the time of year I love sitting outside with a book most of all. What are some good books for the Fall? Well, let’s explore that a bit!

1. The Vampire Knitting Club by Nancy Warren


Fall reminds me of coziness, and what could be more cozy than a fun cozy mystery series with knitting and vampires! This is also a great one for the fall because we’re creeping up on the Halloween season and it features a witch as the main character. And, of course, the vampires.

2. An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson


Well, this book features a fairy prince, the prince of Autumn, so I don’t know what says Fall more than that. πŸ˜€Β  This was a delightful read for me and I enjoyed it a lot, and while maybe not quite as strong as Sorcery of Thorns, still a good debut novel.

3. Dracul by Dacre Stoker and J.D. Barker


Speaking of spooky reads for the Halloween month (yes, it gets an entire month in my book), check out Dracul. This is a really atmospheric book chronicling the fictitious childhood of Bram Stoker. Was Dracula made up, or was Bram’s inspiration a little more real and close to home? Really enjoyed this one.

4. The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter by Theodora Goss


Here’s another book featuring monsters, sort of. But these monstrous women are bright, brilliant, full of determination and friendship for one another. If you want to enjoy a little mystery featuring the daughters of some of your favorite literary monsters, give this one a try. Mystery and monsters is a perfect combination for the Fall.

5. The Star-Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi


One of my favorite books that I’ve read in the last several years, The Star-Touched Queen has echos of the Hades / Persephone mythos to it. So of course this reminds me of Fall. I really fell in love with Roshani Chokshi’s writing with this book and her prose is especially gorgeous in this one. If you haven’t read this one, definitely recommend giving it a try.

Those are my picks for this week. What are some of your favorite reads for Fall? Leave a note in the comments, I’d love to chat!

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    • waytoofantasy says:

      I know everyone is gearing up for it, looking forward to seeing what everyone is reading. I’ll definitely have a few spooky reads for October even if it’s not entirely intentional–it’s just working out that way. πŸ™‚

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