Friday Favorite Five: Books Featuring Dragons


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There are a ton of books in fantasy featuring dragons, so this was a hard list for me to come up with because it’s just tough to narrow down. Also, you have all sorts of dragons–some that are typical ‘destroy the village and sit on my hoard’, some that like working with humans, and some that are shape-shifters and can appear human-like (ok, secretly, these are my favorite). Here are a few of my favorites. I listed the series instead of the books because these are all series.


anhod-coverYou know, I didn’t love the first one in this series as much as I thought I would and it took me forever to read the second book. But once I did, I binge read the rest of them because they just kept getting better and better. In these books we follow Lady Trent on a series of adventures around the world as she seeks out dragon-kind in order to study their biology and habits. She’s a scientist through and through, but she encounters many adventures along the way. These memoirs take place over many years of her life. The dragons in this are more akin to lions or whales or something like that, but dragons instead. I loved the exploration of the world, the analogues of our own cultures, and the dash of romance in these books. There is a bit of a surprise involving dragons as well, but I won’t talk about that here so as not to spoil anything. πŸ™‚


cast-coverI absolutely freaking adore this series. This one is sort of an Urban Fantasy set in a secondary world. The best thing about it is the characters, although the world of Elantra is pretty interesting in and of itself. The series follows Kaylin, a young member of the guard that patrols the city and looks out for the citizens of Elantra. She was originally born in one of the fiefs, outlying territories not in direct control of the city. As you go through the books you get to explore areas of the city and the different people within and their various cultures. Elantra’s Emperor is a dragon and although there aren’t many dragons, they are very powerful and they rule. The dragons in these books are shape-shifters and often appear in a human-line form.


dragonflight-coverWell, I talked about Pern last week and here it is again. I love the dragons in Pern. They hatch at the weyrs and immediately imprint with a human (like baby ducks or something) and it’s a life long bond from there on out. The dragons of Pern are interesting in that they can communicate with their rider with telepathy, as well as other dragons. They’re a highly intelligent species. If a dragon’s rider dies then it will die as well by going ‘in between’ (the space between time and space?). If a dragon dies than often the rider will not survive either, the bond is just so strong. A rider that has lost their dragon feels like they lost a part of themselves, and they can never get that back. I also love the little dragons of Pern, the fire lizards. Every time the question ‘what fantasy creature would you have as a pet?’ comes up, I always answer ‘a fire lizard’. They’re cute, and smart and I think they take up a lot less room than a full sized dragon. πŸ™‚


ndfl-coverI talk a lot about Rachel Aaron around here, but that’s because I’ve come to love a lot of her stuff. The Heartstrikers series was the first books I read by her and I’m so glad I picked them up because they’re an absolute delight. (If you have the chance to listen to them in audio, the narrator is fantastic!) This series is about Julius Heartstriker, one of the youngest of the Heartstriker clan’s dragons. He has a ton of sisters and brothers and his mom is kind evil-ish. She’s all about being the most fearsome dragon and having the most power and all of her kids sort of work for her and the clan. But Julius isn’t really interested in any of that, much to his mother’s annoyance. That’s because Julius doesn’t want to strike fear into anyone, he’s just too nice for that. Honestly, the characters in this are just so darn positive and hopeful and I wish we had more stories where people said ‘hey instead of fighting it out, how about we talk it out and see how we can work together instead of against each other’. So much love for these books.


tee-coverThis is one of my favorite series! It’s an interesting little kind of urban fantasy series that revolves around the lives of a couple of the women of the Gale family. They are a family of….well, it never really explains exactly what they are and that’s fine. But they have powers and they do weird sex rituals and they’re not shy about their sexuality, and they sometimes maybe keep it in the family so to speak. They’re not human, and come from some kind of ancient power. The first book starts out when one of the Aunts has left her magic shop to one of the Gale girls. She travels to the city to run things while trying to figure out what happened to her Aunt and gets involved in some other mystery. These books are fun as hell, if a little weird, and I just fell in love with the characters (one of which is a dragon). Just talking about these makes me want to re-read them. ❀


Well, that’s my list! Do you have any favorite books featuring dragons? Let me know in the comments, or feel free to make your own post, I’d love to hear from you!

13 thoughts on “Friday Favorite Five: Books Featuring Dragons

  1. Zezee says:

    Heartstriker and Memoirs of Lady Trent series are on my TBR. Actually I have the first book of both. Would love to read them soon but OMG, so many books, so little time. I look forward to trying them though.

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