Friday Favorite Five: Cover Artists


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Favorite Five Cover Artists

This one is really tough, there are so many great artists out there doing cover work. Also, I really like a range of styles. Sometimes I’m into things that look more minimal and other times I enjoy a lot of intricate detail. I think it all comes down to if the art makes me feel something.

  • Kinuko Y. Craft – I’m always blown away by Kinuko’s cover art. She’s done a lot of cover’s for Patricia K. McKillip’s books as well as others. I just love the light, the colors, all of the details. They have a lot going on and yet they always feel so filled with light and joy.


  • Michael Whelan – Michael Whelan has done some of my favorite covers of all time and he’s probably the only cover who I have bought an art book of their work. I especially love his cover for The Golden Key where he’s painted himself as the artist. 😀 The covers for The Snow Queen and The Summer Queen are so beautiful. One day I want to get prints of them.


  • Tommy Arnold – I really, really, really love Tommy Arnold’s style. He’s also one that I can almost always tell when the cover art is by him. The work that’s he’s done for the Subterranean Press books — holy cow. < insert mindblown.gif here >


  • Richard Anderson – Another artist whose style I just really dig. I think the first cover I saw of his was maybe a Kameron Hurley novel, The Mirror Empire. A very distinctive style, feels a little gritty and I like the sometimes rough edges, as if the work is still in progress. Also, great use of color.


  • Don Maitz – I love Don’s work! It’s just so classic of the genre. I love the bold colors too, many of which seem washed out on the covers themselves. Definitely worth perusing his site to check out the originals.


That’s it, those are my picks for today. Do you have any favorite cover artists? Leave a note in the comments or link back up with your own post, I’d love to hear from you!

Next week’s topic is Favorite Five Non-SFF Authors! Can’t wait! Have a great Friday!

15 thoughts on “Friday Favorite Five: Cover Artists

  1. Tammy says:

    This is a fun topic! I need to brush up on my cover artists, I don’t usually know who they are, although I often recognize their artwork. I really love both Richard Anderson and Tommy Arnold😁

  2. Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum says:

    Richard Anderson is a legend! I’m also a big fan of Todd Lockwood’s dragon covers. Jaime Jones also recently caught my attention. Have you seen the cover for K Arsenault Rivera’s The Phoenix Empress. Jaw dropping!

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