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Way too Fantasy was originally formed in December 2012 by friends from a NaNoWriMo group. Since then it has been through many incarnations including a quarterly fantasy webzine and resources site for fantasy writers and NaNo-novelists. After taking some time off of blogging, I decided to re-boot the site as a fantasy book reveiw blog.

About Me

I am the lone member left of the original WTF crew. My name is Lisa and I was born in Baltimore, Maryland where I still live along with my husband and three cats. I’ve been reading fantasy books as long as I could read; the first stories I remember are fantasy and I believe I may have been a bit obsessed with Narnia as a small child.

What I love so much about the fantasy genre is the overall sense of wonder from the impossible becoming possible and the creativity that goes into crafting made-up worlds. I’d say my favorite subgenres are currently Urban Fantasy, Historical Fantasy and Fantasy of Manners, but I try and read all over the genre. One of the best things about Fantasy is how varied it is in the types of stories that are being told! I like reading books that are classics in the genre as well as new books that are being published. Despite reading on average 52 books a year, my to-be-read pile continues to grow.

You can also find me hanging about reddit in the r/fantasy forum as /u/lrich1024, talking about books and answering questions about Fantasy Book Bingo.

My non-writing interests are wide and varied. Current interests include reddit, K-dramas, tea parties, and wearing silly hats.


You can also follow the blog on twitter at @wtfdigest, on facebook, or on tumblr.

Friends of Way too Fantasy:

CJ Casey

C.J. Casey is a writer and musician from Michigan currently living around various parts of the Eastern US. He has lived on four continents, traveled within the other two, and loves to read local folklore and legends. His primary focus is on surreal fantasy and horror.


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