Monthly Wrap Up: April 2021

Well, I guess April 2021 will be known as The Month I Took A Break From Blogging. Or maybe the month when I finally gave in and just gave up on things for a bit. I will say the break was needed. Work has been super slammed and my brain is basically useless when I'm … Continue reading Monthly Wrap Up: April 2021

Monthly Wrap Up: February 2021

Somehow I did even better this month with reading even though it was a short month and I suddenly took up a new hobby halfway through the month! Well, that's weird but I'm not going to knock it. I'm not sure how I managed to read so much and mostly keep up with blogging and … Continue reading Monthly Wrap Up: February 2021

Mini Reviews: Manga, Manga, Manga

Today I have some mini-reviews of some manga volumes I've recently read! Although I am now an old lady I still quite enjoy reading manga now and then. Especially when the story is engaging! Today I bring you reviews from two different series, Yona of the Dawn by Mizuho Kusanagi, and Witch Hat Atelier by … Continue reading Mini Reviews: Manga, Manga, Manga

Monthly Wrap Up: January 2021

Well, I had a really good reading month for January and finished 13 books. I can't really complain about this past month's reading. Hopefully this is a sign that I'm getting back to my normal amount of reading, but I guess time will tell for sure. One month does not make a pattern after all. … Continue reading Monthly Wrap Up: January 2021

Monthly Wrap Up: December 2020

Wow, can't believe this is my last post of 2020. So long, year! Hope 2021 is better for all of us. Happy New Year's Eve! I ended up with a grand total of 12 books in December. Wow, this is probably my worst December in a while! I usually read something like 18-20 books. But … Continue reading Monthly Wrap Up: December 2020

Monthly Wrap Up: November 2020

I had a REALLY rough start to the month. I was just busy with a lot of stuff going on (the end of my renovation, ending my old job of 5 years and starting a new one, everything in the world, etc) and it was hard for me to keep up with my reading and … Continue reading Monthly Wrap Up: November 2020

Monthly Wrap Up: October 2020 #SpooktasticReads

HAPPY HALLOWEEN ALL! And happy last day of October. I didn't have a fantastic reading month by my standards, but it wasn't a total bust eitehr. Overall I managed to finish 10 books in October. Not bad by any means however this is WAY lower than my normal amount of reads! Of course, I do … Continue reading Monthly Wrap Up: October 2020 #SpooktasticReads

Monthly Wrap Up: September 2020

Well, September was a crazy month for me filled with Chaos. Business at work continued to drop off which means all our jobs are on the line if sales don't pick up soon so, anxiety. I also spent the entire month getting my bathroom renovated. And then my husband and I bought him a brand … Continue reading Monthly Wrap Up: September 2020

Mini Reviews: Stories in Graphic Format

Hello! Didn't have enough to fill up full posts with these so I thought I'd do a mini review post for them. Huzzah! Yona of the Dawn Vol. 21 by Mizuho Kusanagi Princess Yona lives an ideal life as the only princess of her kingdom. Doted on by her father, the king, and protected by … Continue reading Mini Reviews: Stories in Graphic Format

Wyrd & Wonder Wrap Up #WyrdAndWonder

IMAGE CREDITS: Flaming phoenix by Sujono Sujono | Decorative phoenix by Tanantachai Sirival – both from This month's wrap up is Wyrd & Wonder themed to go over how I did with this wonderful month long event celebrating the fantastic. I love Wyrd & Wonder - it's my favorite blogging event of the year. I always have a lot of fun with it and … Continue reading Wyrd & Wonder Wrap Up #WyrdAndWonder