TBR Shelf Cleanup #48


Time for another round up of books from my TBR to go through! Each week I’ll be going over a selection from my physical unread books and deciding what to keep and what to purge. There will be a third option–undecided–which I might ask for your input on why you think I should keep or purge that title from my list. You can also check out my full TBR pile here.

Sea Dragon Heir by Storm Constantine

In a world beyond time, the Palindrake family rules the rocky kingdom of Caradore, their right ordained by their allegiance to the power of the sea. But war came to them, and defeat at the hands of the king of Fire. For generations the Palindrake Lords served the god of Fire. But now, five lifetimes later, the Palindrake heir, Vlraven V, has a twin sister, a woman who embodies their inheritance of power in a way that no wife ever could. The tidal power in their blood draws them to each other, into a forbidden passion that cold sweep away the bonds of fire placed upon the oceanic magic of the sea, and free Caradore from its long imprisonment.

These were part of a huge basically free book haul of mostly first edition hardbacks from a while back. I don’t know much about this series but really want to check out something by this author. I have this and two sequels. KEEP

A Sudden Wild Magic by Diana Wynne Jones

Our world has long been protected by “The Ring” – a benevolent secret society of witches and conjurers dedicated to the continuance and well-being of humankind. Now, in the face of impending climatic disaster, the Ring has uncovered a conspiracy potentially more destructive than any it has ever had to contend with. For eons, the mages of a neighboring universe have been looting the Earth of ideas, innovations and technologies – all the while manipulating events and creating devastating catastrophes for their own edification. And unless the brazen piracy is halted, our planet is certainly doomed. Aboard a modified city omnibus, a raiding party of adepts is dispatched to Arth, the stronghold of the interfering Pentarchy – a world ruled by magic, ritual and unbending tradition.

Well, I keep meaning to read more Diana Wynne Jones and have amassed several of her books over the years. Now I just need to find the time to read them. KEEP

Time for the Stars by Robert A. Heinlein

Travel to other planets is a reality, and with overpopulation stretching the resources of Earth, the necessity to find habitable worlds is growing ever more urgent. With no time to wait years for communication between slower-than-light spaceships and home, the Long Range Foundation explores an unlikely solution–human telepathy. Identical twins Tom and Pat are enlisted to be the human radios that will keep the ships in contact with Earth. The only problem is that one of them has to stay behind, and that one will grow old while the other explores the depths of space. Always a master of insight into the human consequences of future technologies, this is one of Heinlein’s triumphs.

No thanks. Why do I even have this in my pile???? It’s not my type of book. PURGE

The Long Patrol by Brian Jacques

The murderous Rapscallion army is on the move. Dealt a humiliating defeat by Lady Cregga Rose Eyes, the Badger Lady of Salamandastron, who still pursues them, the Rapscallions are heading inland to take an even greater prize: the peaceful Abbey of Redwall. The elite fighting unit of hares, the Long Patrol, is called out to draw them off. At the forefront is the young hare Tammo, the lead sword in one of the most ferocious battles Redwall has ever faced?

This is one of the Redwall books but further in the series and I’ve never read Redwall but picked it up at a thrift store for some reason. I’m not attached to this at all. PURGE

The Three Sister by Rebecca Locksley

Three Tari Sisters estranged from the Society they are destined to save. Elena, more beautiful than any man can resist, is kidnapped, her destiny controlled by the men who desire her. Yani, warrior woman, brave, strong, able to pass as a man, who will do anything to find Elena. Marigoth, powerful female mage, determined to never grow up, equally determined to find her missing sister. In a country oppressed and cruelly ruled, the fate of many people lies in the unsuspecting hands of these three women.

On the one hand I’ve had this lingering for a while, but on the other hand it does still kind of look interesting. UNDECIDED

That’s all for now! This brings my total count to:


Still making progress here with some purges. What do you think about my choices here? Anything you’d do differently? Leave a note in the comments, I’d love to chat!

10 thoughts on “TBR Shelf Cleanup #48

  1. Tammy says:

    I checked my library because I thought I might have a copy of A Sudden Wild Magic, and I do! I have not read it either but I think I’d love it😁

  2. Zezee says:

    Ugh! Redwall.
    lol I enjoyed the book as a kid but reread after college and hated it. I was so surprised by my reaction to it.
    Yep, purge, purge! πŸ˜€

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