20 Books of Summer Reading Challenge #20booksofsummer

Ah, here we go with another lovely reading challenge! Just when I thought I didn't have enough reading challenges, I'm adding one more to my plate because, why not? Also, this one seems super fun! I saw this challenge at onemore.org and thought it looked super fun so I thought I'd join in. This challenge … Continue reading 20 Books of Summer Reading Challenge #20booksofsummer


Wyrd & Wonder – Tentative TBR

IMAGE CREDITS: Dragon – by  kasana86 from 123RF.com   Being somewhat new to book blogging last year, I totally missed this event the first time around. Seeing several people posting about it recently, I decided it would be fun to join in this year. A month long blogging event celebrating all things Fantasy? How could I not? As you … Continue reading Wyrd & Wonder – Tentative TBR

My Bad Reading Habits Tag

Hey, another tag! I came across this one at Kelly's blog, Another Book in the Wall (I can't tell you how much I love her blog name--it's perfection really.) Her blog is really great and if you're not already following her you should check it out! Ok, so yes, I do have a few bad reading habits … Continue reading My Bad Reading Habits Tag