The Sunday Post #21


The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer. A post to recap the past week, showcase books and things we have received and share news about what is coming up for the week on our blog.

Random News And Goings-On

This past week has been another weird one, I feel like I’m still in recovery from the holidays, trying to get back to my normal flow. I wound up calling out sick of work last Monday because I just wasn’t feeling motivated. The good news is that I managed to use that time to get organized with this year’s reading plans and knock out a bunch of reviews from my drafts folder. I’m now pre-scheduled a week or so out on my posts (with a couple of exceptions) and I’m feeling a lot less stressed about having all this outstanding stuff hanging over my head. I have about 4 more old reviews still waiting, but that’s manageable.

I didn’t do a ton of reading over the last week, didn’t feel like audiobook-ing until Friday at work when I discovered my headphones had fallen out of my purse and I couldn’t audiobook anyway. Womp womp. And for some reason I’ve just been putting off reading my ebook too. I’m not really ‘behind’ on reading anything though, although I did pick up one more eARC this week–that’s only two books for review and I’ll be finished both of them pretty soon.

Okay, well I lied because I am behind on something–my r/fantasy bingo reading! I need to get back to my vampire books! So I have a feeling much of my February and March reading will be me furiously trying to finish books for bingo. Whoops!

Yesterday my husband and I had a lazy Saturday binge watching The End of the F***ing World on Netflix and then football (I didn’t really watch the football because I was reading while it was on in the background). Today it’s a clean the house frenzy because my husband’s D&D group starts up again Monday night so I have a bunch of stuff to get done. Hopefully it won’t take me too long and I’ll be able to get back to my reading before the weekend’s over. 🙂

New Book Arrivals at Way Too Fantasy

Physical Books


One new book this week, one of the many sequels I’ve been looking forward to, A Heart So Fierce and Broken by Brigid Kemmerer! I can’t wait to get to this one. Also, if you’re a fan of Brigid be sure to stop by r/fantasy on 1/14 for her AMA and leave a question for  her!



One new ebook and an eARC! Both of these are also sequels I’ve been looking forward to,  the first is Rebel by Krista D. Ball. I believe this is the final book of her Collaborator series, a grim space opera that I’ve been enjoying as a bit of a departure from her fantasy works. Pew pew! Next is Moontangled by Stephanie Burgis, this is a novella set in her Harwood Spellbook universe and I’m so excited for it. Thanks much to Stephanie for the eARC!


Two new audiobooks! I’ll admit that audiobooks is one area where I’m not really paying attention to my book buying ban because I don’t have a huge backlog of audio titles in queue (maybe 20ish?). I usually listen to most books soon after getting them, with a few exceptions. I picked up Blood Lines by Tanya Huff, this is the third book in her Vicki Nelson series, really having a lot of fun with these books so far, I expect I’ll be picking up the rest of them later this year. I also picked up an audible original, The Queen’s Road by R.S. Belcher because this just looked like my type of read.

That’s the news for this week, see you next time!

16 thoughts on “The Sunday Post #21

  1. Tammy says:

    I also got Moontangled this week😁 And shoot, I have The Queen’s Road but keep forgetting about it, I am obviously failing at my first attempt at listening to an audio book😬

  2. Sarah says:

    Ugh- I’m envious you got scheduled out a couple weeks on blogging! I’m happy if I can get 5 posts together for the coming week (okay, really I’m happy with 3, 5 is an awesome week for me…lol).

    • waytoofantasy says:

      Well, I still have to always do my Sunday Post and This Week in Reading the night before but they’re not hard posts to put together. Once I got almost a month ahead, it was sooooo good. But really being ahead by any days is good!

  3. Zezee says:

    I’m loving that Moontangled cover because of the colors.
    I think I need to do something similar and take a day off to get all caught up on my blog and other things.

  4. A. Perveen says:

    Great post! 😍I feel your pain about being behind on reading. 😂❤️ January, thanks to it being January, has been a month of rereads for me. I may have started many new books but I’ve been unable to finish them for some reason or another. I’m hoping to rectify that in Feb s fingers crossed. 🙂

    Hope you have an amazing weekend and reading week ahead! 😍💕
    Here’s the link to my Sunday post in case you want to review it later.

    • waytoofantasy says:

      Yeah it was a slow start to the month for me, especially coming off of December where I read a ton of books. Hoping February is better for you!
      Thanks so much, hope you have a great week too!

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