Autumn TBR – Final Update

November’s Progress

Well, this challenge techincally ends at the end of the day today but am posting the update anyway because I’m not currently reading any of these so might as well call it closeed. I made a lot of progress this past month on my TBR list. I managed to finish eight more books from the list since last update.

The List – Finale

Rewind Challenge Books

These are the books I’m reading for Tammy’s Rewind Challenge, where the goal is to read some books from our backlists before the end of the year.

  1. The Fated Sky by Mary Robinette Kowal – physical book
  2. City of Lies by Sam Hawke – audiobook
  3. The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco – physical book

Kind of mad at myself for not getting to The Fated Sky and finishing up this section argh. Other than that, glad I got some of these backlist books done.

r/Fantasy Bingo Books

These are some books featuring vampires that will count for my r/fantasy bingo card.

  1. The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E. Harrow – audiobook
  2. Grave Importance by Vivian Shaw – physical book
  3. Crimson Nightmare by Zoey Rivera – ebook
  4. Those Who Hunt the Night by Barbara Hambly – audiobook
  5. Slayer by Kiersten White – audiobook

Yay, I finished all of these bingo reads! So I made a little bit of progress with my card but I still have something like 12 squares to go before April 1st so we’ll see how that goes. That’s a problem for another day though! 😀

2019 Releases

These are 2019 releases that I want to get to and knock out of my TBR pile.

  1. Wicked Fox by Kat Cho – audiobook
  2. Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim – physical book
  3. Soul of the Sword by Julie Kagawa – audiobook
  4. Dark Age by Pierce Brown – audiobook
  5. Part-Time Gods by Rachel Aaron – audiobook
  6. This is How You Lose the Time War by Amal el-Mohtar & Max Gladstone – physical book
  7. Silver in the Wood by Emily Tesh – physical book
  8. Master of the World by Edward Willett – eARC
  9. To Be Taught, If Fortunate by Becky Chambers – physical book
  10. Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell – audiobook
  11. Darkdawn by Jay Kristoff – audiobook
  12. Call Down the Hawk by Maggie Steifvater – audiobook
  13. The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black – physical book

COMPLETED WOOOOO! This was my longest section, so I’m pretty pleased with finishing it off. Now I just have to finish up all the reviews for them. 🙂

Book Club Books

Completed! Yay for staying on top of my commitments, mostly.

  1. An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson
  2. Wolfsong by TJ Klune
  3. Burning Bright by Melissa McShane
  4. Salem’s Lot by Stephen King

Bonus Books

  1. Bobbles & Broomsticks by Nancy Warren – ebook
  2. Siege & Sacrifice by Charlie N. Holmberg – physical book
  3. Desdemona and the Deep by C.S.E. Cooney – ebook
  4. The Lady Rogue by Jenn Bennett – physical book (for review)
  5. The Vine Witch by Luanne G. Smith – physical book (for review)

I didn’t expect to get through all of these, so just to have checked off a few of them is pretty awesome. Sorry review books! I’ll get to you eventually.

Leftovers from Summer TBR

  1. Dreams of the Dark Sky by Tina LeCount Myers
  2. Riverland by Fran Wilde
  3. Wagers of Fate by Noureddine Hifad
  4. Sunkissed Feathers & Severed Ties by Kellie Doherty
  5. The Hidden Face by S. C. Flynn
  6. Clock’s Watch II: Daughters of the Black Moon by Michael Reyes

Ehhhhh, I definitely could have done better here. But the good news is I managed to finish two more review books that had been outstanding for a while and now I only have two very old books accepted for review left. If I can do one each over the next couple of months then I’ll be caught up and will no longer have this stress hanging over my head, so that will probably be my plan.

The other two books on here are ones I just want to read because I’m a fan of the authors  and their work and I haven’t gotten around to them yet, which I also kind of feel horrible for. Hopefully December, if not then January!

Final Wrap Up

The Good

  • I completed 29 out of 36 books! That’s pretty darn good, 81% so I give myself a B (just barely). LOL
  • I completed 3 out of 6 categories, so half. That’s not too bad! Especially considering one of the categories was the largest one.
  • I read a lot of amazing books this Fall and even though most were new releases, I also caught up on a few back list books too.

The Bad

  • I didn’t complete this list, argh! I mean, I think I was being super ambitious with it to begin with, but the completionist in me is like ‘argh!’
  • I keep avoiding the same books for some reason and I really need to buckle down and read them because I’ll probably love them.
  • Reading so much while also being pretty busy this Fall has left me horribly behind in review writing. I’m slowly kind of catching up but not really because I keep reading more books whoops.

Honestly, I’m pretty proud of how I did with this challenge. For the most part I did a good job of sticking to my TBR list and only veered off for a couple of review books–barring that I might have made even more headway. Still, only 7 books left out of 36 is great progress. Hopefully I’ll get to the rest of them soon!

16 thoughts on “Autumn TBR – Final Update

  1. Tammy says:

    I’m really impressed, Lisa! Way to cross books off your list. My goal this month is to get to some older review books as well, and maybe (gasp!) even read a couple of books for pleasure only😁

    • waytoofantasy says:

      This is why I try not to accept too many books for review because even if it’s one I’ve been looking forward to it somehow feels like ‘work’ LOL. Hope you have a great December, Tammy!

  2. @lynnsbooks says:

    Well done you. Great progress. I need to get my act together and maybe December is just the time for that.
    Can’t believe I haven’t caught up with Holly Black yet.
    Lynn 😀

    • waytoofantasy says:

      Thanks, Lynn! I still have a ton to do this month and I feel like it’s all slipping away from me already LOL. We’re almost through the first week already and I’ve binge read two romance novels instead of what I’m supposed to be reading whoooooops.

      The Holly Black books were very quick reads for me. The last one felt super short! Hope you get a chance to catch up with them. 🙂

  3. Kitty Marie's Book Reviews Blog says:

    You did well, that’s a lot of reading! I didn’t know The Ten Thousand Doors of January had vampires, am even more excited about it now. Definitely going to look into Desdemona and the Deep, seems it’s on the shorter side being a novella and all. Also just like the name Desdemona, lol.

    • waytoofantasy says:

      Thanks! It has a single vampire character who is one of the villains. I was a little surprised to hear there was a vampire in it too which also made me more excited lol.
      Desdemona was a quick read. If you like weird stories and things involving the dark sides of the fae, you may love that one. I really enjoyed it.

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