Autumn TBR – October Update

October’s Progress

Only one month to go! Let’s see how much more progress I’ve made with this list.

Progress Report

The Good

  • I’ve done great with some of my piles and think I’ll be able to complete all of my Rewind Challenge books, my bingo reads, as well as 2019 releases!
  • I’ve managed to cross off 21/36 books, that’s 13 more books since the previous update!
  • I still have at least 3 more novellas and a few other books that should be ‘quick reads’ that I’ll be able to fly through (hopefully).

The Bad

  • Well, I have 15 books left on this overly ambitious list, even if I read 10 of them (like this month) I’ll still have 5 books left unread. Womp womp.
  • I made very little progress with review requests. Ugh, why do I keep avoiding these?
  • I have yet to get to Dark Age by Pierce Brown and that is one mammoth of an audiobook. I think I’ll have time, but we’ll see. It depends what speed I’ll be able to listen to it on.

The Ugly

  • Binge reading has left me WOEFULLY behind on reviews. I have reviews that are languishing (LANGUISHING) in my drafts folder. And I just haven’t been in the mood for writing them lately. Boooooo.
  • I’m still experiencing mood swings due to the changing seasons and that has affected my reading on and off.

The List – As It Stands

Rewind Challenge Books

These are the books I’m reading for Tammy’s Rewind Challenge, where the goal is to read some books from our backlists before the end of the year.

  1. The Fated Sky by Mary Robinette Kowal – physical book
  2. City of Lies by Sam Hawke – audiobook
  3. The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco – physical book

Doing great here, woot!

r/Fantasy Bingo Books

These are some books featuring vampires that will count for my r/fantasy bingo card.

  1. The Ten Thousand Doors of January by Alix E. Harrow – audiobook
  2. Grave Importance by Vivian Shaw – physical book
  3. Crimson Nightmare by Zoey Rivera – ebook
  4. Those Who Hunt the Night by Barbara Hambly – audiobook
  5. Slayer by Kiersten White – audiobook

Only one more to go, huzzah!

2019 Releases

These are 2019 releases that I want to get to and knock out of my TBR pile.

  1. Wicked Fox by Kat Cho – audiobook
  2. Spin the Dawn by Elizabeth Lim – physical book
  3. Soul of the Sword by Julie Kagawa – audiobook
  4. Dark Age by Pierce Brown – audiobook
  5. Part-Time Gods by Rachel Aaron – audiobook
  6. This is How You Lose the Time War by Amal el-Mohtar & Max Gladstone – physical book
  7. Silver in the Wood by Emily Tesh – physical book
  8. Master of the World by Edward Willett – eARC
  9. To Be Taught, If Fortunate by Becky Chambers – physical book
  10. Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell – audiobook
  11. Darkdawn by Jay Kristoff – audiobook
  12. Call Down the Hawk by Maggie Steifvater – audiobook
  13. The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black – physical book

I’m still doing great at new releases! Pretty sure I’ll be able to complete this pile. I’ve started Spin the Dawn so I should be able to finish that up quickly and then move on to either Call Down the Hawk or Dark Age (that will be the real challenge book of this pile).

Book Club Books

Book club books! I don’t yet know what all of these are going to be. Will keep adding as we figure that out.

  1. An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson
  2. Wolfsong by TJ Klune
  3. Burning Bright by Melissa McShane
  4. Salem’s Lot by Stephen King

Completed! It looks like our November HEA book (Burning Bright) is one I’ve already read so that’s one I can casually cross off my list unless I feel like re-reading (probably not but I might skim it for some discussion questions.) So this one is done!

Bonus Books

Books I’d love to get to if I have time!

  1. Bobbles & Broomsticks by Nancy Warren – ebook
  2. Siege & Sacrifice by Charlie N. Holmberg – physical book
  3. Desdemona and the Deep by C.S.E. Cooney – ebook
  4. The Lady Rogue by Jenn Bennett – physical book (for review)
  5. The Vine Witch by Luanne G. Smith – physical book (for review)

Only a little bit of progress here, but again these are ‘bonus’ books, although I would like to get the two I was sent for review read sooner rather than later (why do I keep avoiding them? ugh).

Leftovers from Summer TBR

  1. Dreams of the Dark Sky by Tina LeCount Myers
  2. Riverland by Fran Wilde
  3. Wagers of Fate by Noureddine Hifad
  4. Sunkissed Feathers & Severed Ties by Kellie Doherty
  5. The Hidden Face by S. C. Flynn
  6. Clock’s Watch II: Daughters of the Black Moon by Michael Reyes

Well….I made some progress? Who am I kidding, I suck at this pile. But at least I managed to knock one off the list. I still have hope I’ll get to one or two more of these before month end. Honestly if I just get to them before the end of the year I’d be happy at this point.

Plans For the Final Month

I still have some busy weekends ahead but I also have a four-day weekend for Thanksgiving near the end of the month so hopefully I’ll be able to do a lot of catching up then. Going to just try and get caught up with this pile as much as I can! Can’t decide which books I’ll tackle first, maybe the short ones to get them off my list or the ones that will finish off a section just for completion’s sake. We’ll see how my mood strikes!

I have some plans I’m percolating on for 2020 as far as my reading goes so I probably won’t be doing a formal Winter TBR or if I do one I might not announce a new TBR until January. December will be a catch up month for the most part is what I’m thinking. And then I’ll be starting afresh in the new year with some new plans for tackling my overall super huge mountain of unread books because something’s got to give. 🙂 But that is all to be formally announced next month with more details (once I finish my plans). 🙂

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