This Week in Reading: Steady On ’til The End

Well, last week was pretty slow, I only managed to finish two books. Still, two is better than none! I did get in some reading time at work, mostly in audio but also snuck in some reading time on my kindle app during the little bit of downtime I got. I was lucky that work was slow a couple of days since I was running the sales department solo, I didn’t expect to have any down time at all. I went into the weekend with high hopes to get lots of reading and blogging done and then did….a little bit of blogging and almost no reading. I spent a lot of the weekend resting and giving my mind a break from the stress of last week’s work week and the anxiety of Thursday’s air duct cleaning and having to pack up the cats into cages for the day. Sometimes you just need to rest! I did manage to get to the gym twice where I listened to some of an audiobook, so…huzzah?

So, I’m still a bit behind in blogging but slowly catching up and I’m still behind in my Summer TBR but what else is new? This is the last week, going into it with a positive attitude. Tuesday after work we have a mandatory bbq at my boss’s house. I’d rather be home reading! Most of Thursday and Friday I’ll be solo-ing at work again, but at least we have a long weekend ahead of us. My husband and I may go to the drive in theater Saturday night, they have a dusk til dawn show every Labor Day weekend which we try to make but we’re undecided as of yet because they still haven’t announced the line up. On Sunday my cousin is having a pool party and I plan to take full advantage of swim time. Splashy splash. Somewhere in between–reading! (Can I somehow get away with reading while in the pool? Hmm.)

So this is what the line up looks like for this week.

I started Crown of Feathers by Nicki Pau-Preto this weekend. This is what I was audiobooking while at the gym. So far, so good. I’m getting the feel of the world. Not too far into it, but it’s interesting so far.

The Girl with No Face by M.H. Boroson — I’m only a few pages into this one. I really wanted to read it this past weekend but I just didn’t feel like reading, drat. Hopefully I’ll get plenty of time, either snatching some time at work or later at home. Really looking forward to completely diving into this one.

Next up in audio is Part-Time Gods by Rachel Aaron. This is the second of her DFZ books. I loved the first one, sure I’ll enjoy the second. This one is on my Fall TBR but I’m out of audio books for my Summer TBR so…on to the next. πŸ™‚

Hoping I get to start Dreams of the Dark Sky by Tina LeCount Myers by the end of the week or the weekend. I’ve been looking forward to this sequel since last year, would have read it sooner, but time and other books (so many other books…they keep multiplying!).

So, those are my plans for this week. As always, we’ll see how things go. Should have my month end wrap up posted this weekend, and then my final 20 Books of Summer post some time next week, yay.Β What are you reading this week? Leave a note in the comments, I’d love to chat!

15 thoughts on “This Week in Reading: Steady On ’til The End

    • waytoofantasy says:

      My boss is a weird guy. He…doesn’t really have any social skills? Anyway, free food I guess and we might get some gift cards as ‘prizes’ so I guess there’s that lol.

  1. @lynnsbooks says:

    I hope you enjoyed your BBQ – i tend to find that sometimes, if I’m not looking forward to something I end up enjoying it a lot more than I expected.
    Lynn πŸ˜€

    • waytoofantasy says:

      Hah, that’s usually what happens with me. My husband is always making fun of me for it because he says I’m dramatic (he’s probably right lol). I did have a good time, my coworkers are awesome and despite my boss being annoying, his wife is awesome and we actually had a long chat about books. πŸ™‚

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