This Week in Reading: Working on the TBR

Hi everyone~! First off, I want to say how much I enjoyed my weekend. I spent a good five hours outside on Sunday enjoying the gorgeous weather and working on potting up all the plants I picked up on Saturday. This weather is really making me feel refreshed and giving me a bit of a boost to want to get things done. Luckily I made good progress on my audiobook while I was gardening so it’s not like I wasn’t also reading–multitasking works well for me sometimes. Other things I did–briefly visited my friends for the first time in over a year while dropping some things off to them, watched Heaven Official’s Blessing, went to breakfast with my brother, and (of course) did a bit of reading. Overall a fantastic and productive weekend–even if I didn’t get any real blogging done. But honestly it was too nice to stay cooped up indoors. So.

Anyway. I managed to finish three books last week so not bad! Two of them were physical books and one an audio. I feel like I’m started to make progress in my physical TBR but who am I kidding, I have like 15 books on order hahahaha. As fast as I read them I get new ones so. πŸ˜‰ But I *am* making great progress on my audio TBR–I only have fourteen books left in my queue and probably at least a third of those are ‘wtf was I thinking oh yeah it was on sale’ purchases that I may or may not just mark as read–we’ll see. So that means I may be signing up for audible again around summer time if all goes well.

This week in physical print books I’ll be reading Burning Roses by S. L. Huang. This is a short one so I should be able to get through it and also give me more time to work on my ebook. At least that’s the plan. I’m excited for this one because I’ve been looking forward to it since last year.

For ebooks I’m still working on The Jasmine Throne by Tasha Suri. I didn’t make much progress on this one at all last week but I did start it and I’m loving what I’ve read so far!

In audio I’m working on a thriller–The Guest List by Lucy Foley. I got through a huge chunk of this while working outside and only have a couple of hours left so I definitely see myself finishing this up this week. I’m really enjoying the way this story is being told and the narration is great too. Can’t wait to see how everything plays out. Once I finish this one up I’ll probably start The Age of Witches by Louisa Morgan.

I’m hoping that I can get myself together blogging-wise this week but who knows because I’ve been hoping that for the last couple of weeks to no avail. But I am somewhat enjoying taking it easy right now too, trying not to stress about stuff. Anyway. Those are my reading plans for this week, I think they’ll go well but of course we’ll see! What are you reading this week? Leave a note in the comments, I’d love to chat!

22 thoughts on “This Week in Reading: Working on the TBR

  1. ivysbooks says:

    Audiobook and gardening is the perfect match! I’m so glad you enjoyed your weekend πŸ₯° also glad you are enjoying The Jasmine Throne, it’s waiting for me on my ARC TBR 😁

  2. Tammy says:

    Sounds like the perfect weekend 😁 I’m really wanting to read The Guest List at some point. Sounds like you’re enjoying it. Have a good weekend, Lisa!

    • waytoofantasy says:

      It really was!
      I’m really loving The Guest List. I don’t read many thrillers but when I see one so highly praised it gets me interested so I couldn’t resist this one. Thanks, Tammy! Hope you have a great week as well.

  3. evelynreads1 says:

    Glad your readingis going well! The Jasmine Throne sounds so good, I’m very curious to your thoughts!


  4. Zezee says:

    I need to find a way to spend time outdoors too. I keep staying cooped up in the house despite the nice weather. I might start working on the porch before the hot, humid summer hits and all the cicadas come for me.
    Am looking to start the Blade Itself this week. It’ll be my first Joe Abercrombie book.

    • waytoofantasy says:

      It was really nice to be outside for a good chunk of the day. I’m not really an ‘outdoors’ traditional type person but I do love sitting outside in a garden or working on my plants. πŸ™‚
      Oooh, hope you enjoy the Abercrombie. His work is a bit nihilistic but also filled with humor.

  5. Susy's Cozy World says:

    I have to admit that I am a bit envious because I am longing to see some friends and to be able to just have breakfast or lunch with someone somewhere (and don’t get me start on dinner at restaurants and similar, because I really really miss them!). I hope that we would be able to go back to them soon!
    And you did great with your reading too! I am curious to know what you would think about the thriller, it seems interesting enough!

    • waytoofantasy says:

      The down side of going our is really having it hit home how abnormal things still are. But I was glad I got to see my friends even though it was only for a few minutes!
      The Guest List was great, definitely recommend it. I had no idea where it was going and that’s always a good thing with thrillers lol.

      • Susy's Cozy World says:

        I totally feel that to! Here, at the moment, you can’t sit at restaurants or cafΓ©, it is all on the go. But there are some restaurants that are open only for workers that need to eat and the other day I went in one of them (I was working) and after eating lunch I had a coffee that I drank while sitting. It was pure bliss, and it was such a normal thing before!! Now it has become an experience!

      • waytoofantasy says:

        Here we have had restaurants open for a while but of course in the US the economy is more important than everyone’s health (this will probably come to a head at some point in the future when everyone is sick and can no longer work…..) but yeah,it’s nice to have some things feel a bit normal again!

  6. Mary Drover says:

    I’m so glad to hear you had such a nice weekend! It was so warm here, too, and I spent most of the day outside with my sister, just basking in the sun together. If only it wasn’t currently raining/snowing, ugh!

    • waytoofantasy says:

      I heard it snowed up that way! Wild. The latest I remember snow here is like April 4th or something and that was the year we had that really strong extended polar vortex lol. Hopefully things warm up again soon, today is shaping up to be nice.

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