This Week in Reading: Back on Track?

Hi everyone! This past week I managed to finish three books so it looks like my reading slump is over for now. Phew! The bad news is that my blogging slump isn’t yet ended. I’m so sorry that I fell behind in blog hopping yet again. I also haven’t caught up on post writing but that’s because I spent yesterday having a nice relaxing lazy day and also reading. I also ate a bunch of ice cream which ruined my diet, whoops! Guess I’ll have to get on the exercise bike tonight and the rest of this week to make up for that. Hoping that I can at least keep up with posts so that I can keep things going around here until I’m back in full force blogging mood–wish me luck!

So I probably should be reading more review books right now, but I really enjoyed the second book of the Chimera series by Cate Glass so I’m now headed straight on to the third–A Summoning of Demons. Can’t wait to see how this trilogy concludes!

In ebook I will be reading a review book–Spellbound by Ophelia Silk. I was lucky enough to be offered and eARC of this one, it’s coming out in the next couple of weeks so I really want to get it read and reviewed. But I’m also excited for this one as it sounds great and I quite enjoyed the previous book I’d read by them. Once I finish this one up I have….three or four more review books to get through and then I’ll be all caught up on review requests again.

In audio I’m still working on The Odyssey translated by Emily Wilson. I’m really loving this audio book! I’m not huge on classics but I think this translation is pretty interesting and Claire Danes narrates it so well that it’s really a joy to listen to. It feels like a bed time story. I’m halfway through this one so hoping to finish it up and then dive into either my library loan (if it comes in) or maybe my April audio selection.

Well, those are my plans, let’s hope they stick! Once again I’m soooooo sorry that I’ve fallen behind in visiting your wonderful blogs and replying to comments. I hope to catch up soon! Of course this is also the week of the r/fantasy bingo change over so….I’ll probably be pretty busy as well. SIGH. Anyway. What are you all reading this week? Leave a note in the comments, I’d love to chat!

18 thoughts on “This Week in Reading: Back on Track?

  1. Mary Drover says:

    I’m trying to finish up the last of my March books this week, Siege & Storm reread and Forest of Souls, and hopefully sneak in a third, though deciding what that third will be will leave me in indecision for a solid hour or two, haha.

  2. Realms of My Mind says:

    Trying to choose my next book now and I’m honestly torn. My two candidates are new Becky Chambers and The Last Watch, which are both sci-fi but VERY different in tone. I think I might keep riding the action-wave I’m on and go with The Last Watch…we’ll see!

  3. @lynnsbooks says:

    My audio has been terrible this year. I set off doing something and just forget to start an audio book. Haha, must do better.
    Don’t stress about visiting blogs. It will happen when it happens and definitely not something to be anxious about – although, I do understand the feeling all too well being two weeks behind myself just recently.
    Lynn 😀

    • waytoofantasy says:

      My audio is terrible just because my commute is so short now and I also can’t listen *while* at work much like my other job–still, even a little progress is progress so we must take what we can get where that’s concerned. I’ve been listening while folding laundry. I can’t wait til after the last frost date when I can start planting–listening while gardening is always nice.
      Yeah, I’m trying not to stress about that. I’ll catch up when I can!

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