Book Review: The Court of Mortals by A. J. Lancaster


Hetta’s family now know Wyn’s true identity, but that doesn’t mean they approve of their relationship. Princes are all very well – but Wyn’s not human, for all he’s spent ten years pretending to be.

With gossip spreading like wildfire, Hetta and Wyn receive a royal summons. The Queen of Prydein has heard the rumours of fae intruders, and she’s not letting Wyn go until she’s satisfied he and his people aren’t a threat. Convincing her would be a lot easier if someone wasn’t trying to blacken Wyn’s name – and if his sister wasn’t trying to kill him.

For mortal politics aren’t the only problem the pair have to face. The Court of Ten Thousand Spires is still without a ruler, and the only way out may be for Wyn to assume the throne himself – meaning he and Hetta can never be together.



Well, what can I say, this series is not only my jam but my bread and peanut butter as well. It’s really got everything I love and it does it all so well. We’ve got fantasy of manners stuff, romance, the fae being super fae (not always human-like), interesting magic (the land magic!), characters you want to root for, and in this latest one–politics! Love it. End review. Just kidding. 😉

This is book three of the series and now that Wyn and Hetta are a couple they’re doing the best the can to navigate this new relationship around both of their families and their familial obligations. Hetta is tied to Stariel, which makes things…interesting, especially when the land is reacting to Wyn like an excited puppy. The more this series goes on the more that I feel like Stariel, the land, is a also very much a character. While the land does reflect Hetta in some ways, it also sometimes seems to have a mind of its own and acts accordingly. Anyway, Hetta and Wyn. Hetta’s family, while they do love Wyn, they are skeptical about their relationship. First of all he’s been a servant in their household for forever but now they find out he’s also a high fae–not just any high fae but a prince. You’d think that would garner him some respect but the fae aren’t really trusted (for good reason) and it’s made things rather strained with some of the family. Not to mention over-protective brothers (and cousin Jack) who insist on protecting Hetta’s virtue *eyeroll*.

So you have all of that going on against Hetta and Wyn solving problems from the fae courts as well as the human courts. This book really ups the stakes yet again. Danger seems to be coming at them from all sides. And yet, even though there is a lot going on, it all fits together very nicely and never overwhelms the reader. I really don’t have anything but praise for how this is plotted out. The pace is good, with a mix of action and great character moments. It makes for a quick read. I certainly didn’t want to put this one down once I started.

One of the things that I really loved about this latest volume is that we get to spend more time getting to know some of Wyn’s family as his sister and brother come to the human world looking for him and work with Hetta and her family. And although they are more fae than Wyn is, they aren’t total knobs! I also love Wyn’s brother–he’s sooooo emotionally unavailable. Just my type! LOL. I still do occasionally have a thing for these kinds of characters. (I guess if they’re super pretty, I give them a pass–I’m shallow, feel free to judge!)

Overall, I absolutely loved this and I’m almost sad that I couldn’t wait longer to read it because now I have to wait and wait for the final book to arrive. But really I have zero regrets. And after the way this one ended, I’m so invested in finding out what happens next! 5/5 stars.

17 thoughts on “Book Review: The Court of Mortals by A. J. Lancaster

  1. Susy's Cozy World says:

    I am so glad you are enjoying this series so much! I have yet to read the second book, but I hope to do it soon! I am curious to see Hetta and Wyn become a couple, and I want to meet Wyn’s family!

  2. dinipandareads says:

    Ooh, great review! The first book of the series just popped up on my Goodreads suggestions yesterday and I went to find the book and saw it’s available on Kindle Unlimited so I immediately scooped it up 😃 Sounds like a really great series and now I can’t wait to read it!

  3. cari lyn jones says:

    Ahh! I am still holding out for the next book to be released, but you’re not making it easy 😀
    Just like you, this series ticks off all my boxes. I just per-ordered King of Faerie which is due out August of this year. I can’t wait!

  4. @lynnsbooks says:

    This series seems to be going from strength to strength and I can’t blame you for jumping in – even though you now have a wait for the next book. Happy to see it rated 5*.
    Lynn 😀

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