This Week in Reading: Reading is Good, Reading is Great

I had a FANTASTIC week in reading last week and managed to finish up FIVE books. Five! I finished up Steel Crow Saga (finally) and then read four print books–two SFF books, one romance, and one…general fiction? Chick lit? Anyway, I managed to get through all but one of my library books so I’m pretty excited about that because now I can start buckling down on my TBR pile for real. *cracks knuckles* Most of the books I finished last week were good but not super fantastic, the one that really blew me away though was Unbound Empire by Melissa Caruso–that book was amazing.

I’m excited to finally be digging into A Heart so Fierce and Broken by Brigid Kemmerer. I say that like this book has been out forever, but it only came out earlier this month. Still, I really loved the first one and it feels like I’ve been waiting for it since I finished that one.

In audiobook-land, I’m currently listening to Sorcerer’s Legacy by Janny Wurts. This is actually a re-listen for me as we’re reading it for our HEA Book Club over on r/fantasy. I really love this book, it’s got a very classic feel to it and Janny’s prose is fantastic. She also has fantastic pacing.

Pretty sure Heart will be a quick read for me so I’ll have time to at least start another print book. Not really sure what it will be. My plans were to read A Longer Fall by Charlaine Harris this month but I haven’t bought a copy yet, just checked and my library system has a copy available so I requested a pick up at my local branch but it may be several days before it arrives. Either way…I’m sure I’ll find something to read. *glances at many huge stacks of books sitting next to me*

If I get through my audiobook then I don’t know what I’ll pick up next. Maybe The Rise of Magicks by Nora Roberts. I don’t quite feel like digging into Dune just yet as and we’re not having our book club meeting for that one until early March so I do have time.

I feel pretty confident about my plans this week, such as they are. As always, plans could change. What are you reading this week? Leave a note in the comments, I’d love to chat!

22 thoughts on “This Week in Reading: Reading is Good, Reading is Great

  1. Sarah says:

    Five books is an awesome week. I hope you have another great week ahead too. Have you ever read Dune before? It’s one of those classics I want to try but just haven’t gotten to yet.

    • waytoofantasy says:

      Thanks, hope you have a great week too!
      Yes, I read it before but it’s been around 20 years so I’m interested to see if I still love it as much as I did the first time. Dune is like an epic fantasy set in a science fiction world which is something I just love.

  2. Tammy says:

    That’s amazing! I wish I could read faster/more. I read Moontangled yesterday (which is super short!) and congratulated myself on finishing a book in a day, lol.

    • waytoofantasy says:

      I don’t think I read fast, I just had a lot of free time since I’m caught up with a lot of things (blogging, housework) lol. Hey, that’s still great! You have to take what you can get. 🙂

  3. evelynreads1 says:

    Enjoy your reading!
    I’m currently reading The night country and listening to the hand on the wall!


    • waytoofantasy says:

      Thanks, it was! I love her stuff so I’m also looking forward to it, usually it only takes a few days, they have to transfer it from one of the other branches to mine for pick up. 🙂

  4. mistysbookspace says:

    I’m slowly working my way through Little Women and I’m hoping to finish The Jungle Book tonight. After that I will be starting The Waste Lands by Stephen King because I am behind on that group read.

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