This Week in Reading: So Much Writing To Do

My reading marathon over the weekend was a huge success, despite my anxiety skyrocketing due to all the events of last week and it being difficult for me to entirely concentrate on reading. Overall last week, I ended up finishing four books and starting two others. Thanks, Off The Grid Readathon–you were just the motivation I needed!

As a consequence of reading so much without pausing to write up reviews, well, I now have four review posts sitting in my drafts folder. I’m not super worried, I’ll catch up at some point–although because I’m me I am somewhat missing being super caught up with things, haha. Oh well.

This week, along with catching up on reviews, I’ve still got lots of reading to do.ย  We’re halfway through 20 Books of Summer and I’m no where near halfway through my TBR pile (although I’m catching up!).

First up, again, is A Song For a New Day by Sarah Pinsker. I just started this one last night and really loving it so far. I just love Sarah’s prose, it’s so easy feeling and has kind of a rhythm to it.

I’ve also already started Forever Fantasy Online:ย Last Bastion on audio by Rachel Aaron and Travis Bach. I’m sure this one will take me the entire week to get through, I’m at hour 3 out of 24.5 so…yeah. But! I’m having a fun time with this one. It’s great to be back in this world and reliving my old WoW days a bit. ๐Ÿ™‚

Next up in print we haveย Under Ordshaw by Phil Williams. I don’t know that much about this book, so I’m very much looking forward to diving in with no expectations and seeing what adventure awaits.

I’m not sure I’ll get through more than these this week–I do have a bunch of catching up to do on blogging. On the other hand, my husband is leaving town for a week starting Saturday morning so I have another entire weekend without much to do. It just remains to be seen if I spend that time doing much needed house projects, or reading. We’ll see how things go. So, those are my plans for this week. What are you reading? Leave a note in the comments, I’d love to chat!ย 


12 thoughts on “This Week in Reading: So Much Writing To Do

  1. evelynreads1 says:

    Enjoy your reading! I just started windwitch, and I’m listening to spinning silver ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Realms of My Mind says:

    Scrambling like mad to get one more ARC read, and then I’m hopefully starting WORDS OF RADIANCE this week! Also planning on reading the Sam Sykes novella GALLOWS BLACK while I’m standing in all those lovely Comic Con lines.

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