This Week in Reading: Nothing’s Gonna Break My Stride

Finally started catching up on some reading this past week, although it was still hard squeezing in reading time when I was busy catching up on things from last weekend and doing so many activities. The only good thing about winter coming is that some of those activities should wind down a bit once we … Continue reading This Week in Reading: Nothing’s Gonna Break My Stride

Friday Favorite Five: Dark Fantasy / Horror Novels

For previous posts and future FFF topics check out my Friday Favorite Five page here. Favorite Five Dark Fantasy / Horror Novels I don't actually read a ton of horror so I decided to combine it with dark fantasy - they share the same roots anyway, right? Besides, I love mixing genres. 🙂 1. The … Continue reading Friday Favorite Five: Dark Fantasy / Horror Novels

The Autumn Tag

This tag was originally created by Jenn @ Jenniely. I first saw this tag from Brittany over at Perfectly Tolerable and thought it looked like a lot of fun so I decided to fill it out. I love Autumn, it's my favorite season. The colors, the smells, the cooler weather after the heat of the … Continue reading The Autumn Tag

Halloween Creatures Book Tag!

Oooh, another Halloween themed book tag! I just couldn't resist doing this one since I love Halloween so much. Thanks to The Orangutan Librarian for tagging me in this one! Rules Answer all prompts. • Answer honestly. • Tag 1-13 people. • Link back to this post. • Remember to credit the creator. (Anthony @ … Continue reading Halloween Creatures Book Tag!