Monthly Wrap Up: July 2020

Here we are at the end of another month! 2020 sure has been flying by! I had really hoped to read more books this month, 9 total is not bad by any means but it's EXTREMELY low for me. I would say I was busy doing other things (like watching The Untamed) but it feels … Continue reading Monthly Wrap Up: July 2020

Monthly Wrap Up: April 2020

April, I hardly knew ye. This month has just flown right by. Time is very strange these days--either it's dragging on forever or it passes in the blink of an eye and neither one of those is a comfortable feeling. My reading was pretty crappy this month, for me at least. I only managed to … Continue reading Monthly Wrap Up: April 2020

Review: Sleepy Hollow

When I sat down to watch the pilot episode of the new Sleepy Hollow television series, I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew that it was based on the story "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irving, but being familiar with the tale, I couldn't figure out how they'd manage to stretch that … Continue reading Review: Sleepy Hollow

Movie Review: The World’s End

I finally managed to get around to seeing The World's End last week after coming home from my massive road trip of massiveness. The World's End is about Gary King, played wonderfully by Simon Pegg, who is perhaps more than a little broken and living in the past. In an attempt to top the best … Continue reading Movie Review: The World’s End


I'm going back to the list I published some time back of non-USAnian science fiction films for this article. One of the films on there that I'd heard of but never quite gotten around to seeing was the Spanish film Timecrimes. And there really was no excuse for it... I have a bit of a … Continue reading Timecrimes

Pacific Rim: A Non-spoilery Review

For different reasons (former anime obsession, love of Japanese horror/monster films, an admiration for Guillermo del Toro's stylistic choices as director) the movie I've most anticipated coming out this year is Pacific Rim. For those of you that aren't geeks/nerds, or that don't follow upcoming movies at all, Pacific Rim is about giant monsters coming … Continue reading Pacific Rim: A Non-spoilery Review

Unicornblues’ Five Fave Fantasy Flicks

Let me preface this by noting that this is my own personal list of favorites. I'm not trying to say these are the best movies out there, just that they're the ones I happen to enjoy the most. Everyone has different tastes and what one person finds interesting and entertaining, another person might think is … Continue reading Unicornblues’ Five Fave Fantasy Flicks