Monthly Wrap Up: November 2018

Wow, I can't believe November is over already! Only one more month of 2018 to go, I feel like most of this year has just flown right by. November was a weird month for me. At the beginning of it I was super busy with activities and then near the end of the month stuff... Continue Reading →


Book Review: The Murderbot Diaries series by Martha Wells

This is short series of novellas that I binge read and then had to wait a couple of weeks for the last one to come out. Now that they're all available and I've read them all I decided to review them all together. Weeeee, Murderbot!   The Murderbot Diaries are four novellas by Martha Wells... Continue Reading →

Friday Favorite Five: Novellas

For previous posts and future FFF topics check out my Friday Favorite Five page here. Favorite Five Novellas Recently in the last few years the novella has been making a come back and I have to say, I'm really excited for its rising popularity. Novellas are great, especially if you're looking to take a break... Continue Reading →

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