This Week in Reading: Welcome to April!

I’m so excited it’s April! It feels like Spring is in full force here, the weather is great and I’m looking forward to doing my planting–I’ve already started to prep my containers. I’m looking forward to reading on the porch surrounded by flowers in the next month or so.

Once again I managed to finish 3 books in the last week so it looks like my reading is actually back on track now. I’m just trying to read whatever I feel like I’m in the mood for while also aiming towards some review books that I have on my plate. I’m really hoping to get through those so that I have absolutely no more reading obligations. 🙂

Anyway, I feel pretty good with where I’m at with my reading right now and I’m just hoping that my blogging will follow. I have a mostly day off today and I may spend some of it reading but I probably should work on blogging. Once again, that all depends on my mood. And my mood as been very…fickle lately. But I do miss visiting all your bogs so I do hope to get back to that soon!

In ebook this week I’ll be reading my review copy of The Jasmine Throne by Tasha Suri. I really loved her Ambha duology and I can’t wait to see what she’s started with this new series. I have high hopes! This is one book I’ve been looking forward to since last year.

For physical books, I chose to go with Network Effect by Martha Wells. I can’t believe this book is still in my TBR because I love Murderbot so much! Sometimes books just get away from you though, even when you’re looking forward to them. There are so many 2020 releases I still have in my TBR. Anyway, excited to dive into this one and I don’t think it will be a long read but we’ll see how it goes.

In audio I’m still working on The Odyssey translated by Emily Wilson. I only have about three hours left on this which doesn’t sound like a lot but my commute is only about 15 minutes now so I don’t listen to audio much these days LOL. But I’m enjoying this translation a lot! I’m hoping to finish it up by mid-week though because I have a copy of The Guest List by Lucy Foley in my queue from my library ready to go and I’d like to jump into that one soon.

So, those are my tentative reading plans for this week. Like I said, I’m hoping to get back into all my blog stuff soon, get some reviews written, get back to blog hopping, etc. But we’ll see how that goes. For now this is like a half-vacation for me or something. *shrug* What are your reading plans this week? Leave a note in the comments, I’d love to chat!

20 thoughts on “This Week in Reading: Welcome to April!

  1. JonBob says:

    We’ve got lovely weather here now too. Dunno if you get time off work at Easter across the pond but Good Friday and Easter Monday are national holidays in the UK so we’ve had a lovely 4 day weekend ☺️☀️

    Been doing a little bit o’ reading out in the garden, about halfway through my reread of the third A Song of Ice and Fire book, which is taking me a bit longer to get through than the first couple (mainly because it’s 2-300 pages longer lol) but also I’ve not read as much this past week, which I’m very aggrieved about considering the commitments I’ve given myself for Wyrd & Wonder. I’m always going on about not setting readings goals and then randomly give myself this absurd W&W commitment 😩 S’fine though, I haven’t crossed over into resentment territory yet so it’s all good.

    Hope you enjoy your next Murderbot instalment! I’ve seen a lot of people reading them this weekend for the All Systems Read event 🙂

    • waytoofantasy says:

      We don’t typically get off for Easter but my bosses let me work a very short day today since they had both taken the day off, so that was nice. Spending it reading. 🙂
      I love reading in my garden, can’t wait to get it planted this year, maybe this weekend or next (it’s still a little early). I know what you mean! I am doing wyrd and wonder too, it’s my favorite event of the year, but a lot of me is like ‘I thought you said you wouldn’t sign up for things this year’ lol! Ugh, what can I say, I like joining things hah.
      Thanks! I didn’t realize there was some kind of upcoming event! How exciting.

      • JonBob says:

        What you thinking of planting? I haven’t got a particularly green thumb but we bought a house last summer and have a proper garden for the first time so my gf is getting into planting. We have several different kinds of mint on the go at the minute and some flowers that have yet to make an appearance, but I think there’s some dahlias in there.

      • waytoofantasy says:

        Oh, just flowers. I used to do a veggie garden in the back but after two years in a row where a blight of some kind swept through I got kind of upset and am now just doing flowers all over LOL. But I do a bunch of different kinds of flowers, usually the kind you have to buy every year because they don’t come back (I always forget if they’re annuals on perennials LOL). I usually have some Gerber Daisies and some Diantha’s (I think that’s what they’re called) and some other kinds. Whatever looks nice to me while out flower shopping that takes the proper sunlight where I’m going to be planting them. 🙂

      • JonBob says:

        We managed to grow a few lil courgettes last year (think you call them zucchini, though that might be what you call aubergine, I can never remember haha). They were pretty good, we chopped ’em up and made home made pizzas with our own dough and everything, it was very satisfying. I remember being really into learning the names of all the flowers when I was really young. I’ve forgotten them all now annoyingly, but I was really into birds and plants for a while (still love birds though hehe). Hope your flowers come through nicely, and I’d def encourage you to give a few veggies a go again, it’s nice when it comes to harvest time and you get to eat your own grown food.

      • waytoofantasy says:

        I don’t think I ever gre zucchini although I definitely did pickles and an eggplant before, to varying degrees of success. Birds and plants are fun! I live in a fairly urban area so it’s nice to bring some nature in to it to enjoy. Thanks!

  2. Tammy says:

    Really curious to see how you like The Jasmine Throne. I can’t remember what month it comes out, but thats when I’ll be reading it😁 Have a good week, Lisa!

    • waytoofantasy says:

      Unfortunately I haven’t gotten that far into The Jasmine Throne yet–I usually squeeze in reading ebooks at work but work was just too slammed last week. Hopefully this week will be a little better. Enjoy your reading!

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