This Week in Reading: A Little More Progress

Last week it felt like I didn’t get much reading done at all. But in truth I managed to finish four books – two romance novels and two fantasy novels (well, one of those was a supernatural cozy mystery). I think it just felt really dragging because I’d been reading the one book for a while, and the others were diversions from that. Also, I didn’t finish an audio because The Priory of the Orange Tree is so dang long. Still, a pretty good week in reading overall, even if I wish I’d made more progress on my Summer TBR pile. Turns out I can only read so fast, especially when distracted by other things in life.

I’ve managed to keep up with blogging, mostly, although I do have three reviews sitting in my drafts folder which I definitely need to work on this week. The good news is that this week should be less crazy, even though we have a few house projects we may start working on after work in the evenings (or maybe save til next weekend if we’re lazy). We’ll see how things go. 🙂

I just started An Illusion of Thieves by Cate Glass yesterday and I’m not super far into it so I don’t really have many thoughts on it yet. Hoping I finish up this one early in the week.

Still working on The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon. I think I have about 14 hours or so left on the audio for this one, so I should be able to complete it this week. So far, it’s interesting. It’s taken me a while to get a feel of the world and keep track of all the characters, but I’m into it. It’s definitely interesting.

Finally, I was lucky enough to receive an eARC of Turning Darkness into Light by Marie Brennan. This is a new book set in her Lady Trent universe and I am very excited for it, because I loved that Lady Trent series. Hopeful that I’ll love this one as well. I’d initially planned to have started this one last week but then things happened, as they do.

If I manage to make it through Priory (don’t know that I will), I’m planning on starting Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor next. That’s the last official audiobook on my Summer TBR pile and it will be nice to complete at least one section of that challenge! But I’m not ‘officially’ adding this book to the list for this week because it’s a very big ‘maybe’ that I’ll finish Priory.

Those are my reading plans for this week! Thoughts on these? What are you reading this week? Leave a note in the comments, I’d love to chat!

11 thoughts on “This Week in Reading: A Little More Progress

  1. marydrover says:

    Oh, I love Strange the Dreamer so much. It has a very special place in my heart, and I miss the main character all the time.

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