This Week in Reading: A Busy Week Ahead

Well, last week my reading progress was SUPER SLOW during the week. Mainly because I, uh, started watching Mozart in the Jungle on Monday night and then marathoned all 40 episodes by Friday night, at 1am. So….yeah, not much time for reading, WHOOPS. Somehow, however, I still managed to finish four books. Mainly by cramming in some reading time this weekend. And also thank goodness for audiobooks! And also thank goodness I was already most of the way through two of these so it’s really like I read two and a half books instead of four. Still, how I managed to accomplish any reading at all I have no idea. (Oh yes, total neglect of all housework and projects and barely keeping up with blogging, ahahahahahahahaha. Ahem.)


This week will be super busy as I’ve REALLY got to catch up on blogging. And then I have Balticon this weekend (our local SFF convention). It’s a four day convention so, as I most likely won’t have much time for reading or blogging, I’m trying to get as much pre-scheduled as possible. That’s my goal anyway.

I’ve got three books on my list for this week, but I expect I’ll only be able to get through two or maybe even one and a half, but we’ll see how things go. Mist, Metal, and Ash by Gwendolyn Clare–I really hope to get through this one during the week because I enjoyed the first one quite a bit! Also, she’s a somewhat local author and will be at the convention, hoping to get this one signed while I’m there. Fog Season by Patrice Sarath is another sequel I’d like to get to soon because I enjoyed the first one. I’m really trying to read my sequels and be good about my ‘catch up on and finish series’ reading goal, but I admit I’ve been terrible about it so far this year. Last up is A Memory Called Empire by Arkady Martine. I have this out on audio from my library but I also picked up a copy to take to Balticon with me to get signed (hopefully).

So, that’s my week ahead. We’ll see how things go, as per usual. What are everyone else’s plans for the week? Leave a note in the comments, I’d love to chat!

21 thoughts on “This Week in Reading: A Busy Week Ahead

    • waytoofantasy says:

      Thanks! Oh, I really loved Mozart in the Jungle. I have no doubt it’s highly romanticized, lol. It makes for good tv though. 😀 I don’t know why but I love shows about orchestras. This was right up there with Nodame’s Cantabile for me.

      • waytoofantasy says:

        Yes, it’s one of my favorites! I haven’t heard of that other one, looks good. (I have not read a lot of manga or watched a lot of animes / live actions the last few years. I’ve even slacked off on kdrama the past year and a half–only so much time in a day apparently, who’d have thought!)

  1. evelynreads1 says:

    Enjyo your reading!
    I’m currently reading The three musketeers and listening to If we were villains!


  2. Zezee says:

    I got my fingers crossed that I make it to Balticon. Was thinking to go on the Saturday. That seems like the better day because of the sessions and such, but I gotta work that night 😥

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