#NaNoWriMo Update – 11/23/2018


Well, not much progress has been made, which is why I haven’t posted this until the last minute today. I really just haven’t felt like writing (or even reading), even when I did have some time.

Although, granted, time has been in short supply as usual. Last weekend I went up to my friend’s comic book shop in PA to look at a large collection of fantasy novels he’d acquired for sale and wound up taking home a bunch of books with me and then going up again after work on Monday to get more. Six boxes of books later…I’m still sorting out what I want to keep and cataloging stuff and now I have to rearrange my library again because I need to make room for these new editions. Some of the books I already had in paperback but found first edition hardcovers and couldn’t pass them up. I’ll have a book post at some point so I can show you all what I found in detail. Suffice to say, it was a very good haul.

Seasonal depression has gotten its grip on me and because of that, along with a lot of work stress, I really haven’t felt like doing much of anything. I have a couple of reviews to write but I don’t even feel like doing that right now. (I finished Daughter of the Forest this week and it was soooo good. I’m just glad for audiobooks or I’d have gotten absolutely no reading in at all.) So I’m focusing on some projects around the house this weekend, many of which involve eventually making room for more books.

Yesterday was such a bust. I ended up playing around on spotify making a kpop playlist and then reading old fanfics I used to love and going down a nostalgia rabbit hole. (And now I kind of want to rewatch Escaflowne again and I’ve actually been wanting to rewatch it for a long time but no one ever wants to watch it with me and I don’t want to watch it by myself because that’s no fun and argh this is the stupidest problem to have.) I ended up getting kind of sad wondering what happened to all the people I used to be friends with from my old anime fandoms back in the day because everyone stopped posting to livejournal around 2010-2012 and I was one of the last hold outs but didn’t really have any other contact info for folks. (This is why nostalgia isn’t good for depression!)

ANYWHO. Sorry for such a depressing update. I’m hoping I’ll get through this funk to at least be able to work on my story some more before NaNo is up. Wish me luck!

6 thoughts on “#NaNoWriMo Update – 11/23/2018

  1. Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum says:

    Sorry about your lack of progress, but it sounds like you’ve been enjoying life in other ways, and honestly, seasonal depression sucks so you gotta get the joy where you can. Take it easy now, and I hope you had a wondering Thanksgiving!

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