Get To Know Ya Book Tag

I found this tag over at Perfectly Tolerable, a fantastic book blog with a ton of personality! Go check it out if you’re not already following!

Favorite Book of All Time


Yeah, it’s probably still this one….it does fluctuate now and then but I usually come back to this one.

Favorite Book Five Years Ago

See above. πŸ˜€

Favorite Duology / Trilogy / Series


Love this original Kushiel trilogy from Carey!

Last Book You Read

Last Book of Poetry I’ve Read


To be fair, this may be the only book of poetry I’ve read. I don’t read a lot of poetry!

What Book Most Influenced Your Life


There’s just something about this one that’s always stuck with me. It’s also one that made me look at life from another perspective.

Book That Made You Ugly Cry


Oh, definitely The Oddling Prince by Nancy Springer. I ugly cried all over my cat, lol. (cat was not amused)

Book That Made You Laugh


This has to be the funniest Kate Daniel’s book I’ve ever read. I lol’ed on multiple occasions. Great fun and a great story.

Character You’d Like To Be For a Day


I don’t know how Glinda is in the books because I haven’t read Oz, but in the movie I love her. She wears a pretty poofy dress, she has magic, she arrives in a bubble and is just about the sparkly-est thing ever.

Book So Good You Dreamed About It


I don’t really dream about books that much, but I feel like I definitely had some IWtV related dreams at one point or another, lol!

Book You DNF’ed


Ok, so this is a weird one because there were a TON of things about this story that I loved. But it’s also REALLY long and the writing is kind of…tedious. So one day I set it down meaning to pick it back up again and then never did. And then I officially removed it from my ‘currently reading’ queue on goodreads. One day I’ll return to you…

What Book Are You Excited To Read?

Grave Importance RD3B

I’m so excited for this book, you guys. *flailing*


As always, not going to tag anyone, but if you want to fill this one out, consider yourself tagged! Happy reading!


19 thoughts on “Get To Know Ya Book Tag

  1. Para says:

    I have also DNF’d Jonathan Strange at about halfway. Part the language, part because I was just…bored. Neither the characters nor the worldbuilding appealed to me. Wanted to try it again in translation, saw it was done by a translator I can’t stand so…it’s just not meant to be, lol.

      • Para says:

        It’s weird because I don’t mind slow necessarily? I’m all over mundane/slice of life, I have the List. But it needs to have something for me to get attached to. And it didn’t.

      • waytoofantasy says:

        Yeah, I get what you mean. I don’t know if slice of life is always ‘slow’ to me. The latest Wayfarers was slice of life and I loved it and it didn’t feel slow. For me it isn’t that the plot is slow, but that I don’t really care about the characters. If that makes sense.

  2. Realms of My Mind says:

    I adore Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, but I COMPLETELY understand that as a DNF. That book had a habit of grinding to a halt at the weirdest places. “I’m sorry, you’re in the middle of the climax, but we’re going to cut over to check in for 30 pages on the person wandering the moors?”

  3. Zezee says:

    I have a feeling that I’ll DNF Jonathan Strange too when I start on it based on the many reviews I’ve seen of it. I’m still eager to try it though.

  4. PerfectlyTolerable says:

    Thanks for the shout out! I love the cover of The Oddling Prince! I will need to go check it out so I can ugly cry on my cat too πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ One of my cats will let me the other will just lick my face which is comforting in its own way ❀ haha

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