Monthly Wrap Up: February 2019

Another month of 2019 down, where is this year going so quickly? Well, as most of you know I've spent the entire month playing catch up still. I had some crazy stuff going on at the start of the month that made things difficult but I feel like, here at the end, I'm finally starting... Continue Reading →


Book Review: Sea of Rust by C. Robert Cargill

Summary: One robot's search for meaning in a world where every human is long gone. A thrilling twist on The Martian. A touching story of a search one robot's search for the answers in a world where every human is dead. The new novel from C. Robert Cargill echoes the worlds of Stephen King and... Continue Reading →

This Week In Reading: A Race to the Finish

I had a really great week in reading last week! I finished off Lovestruck by Kate Watson and The Spirit Rebellion by Rachel Aaron. I also read through all four books of the Vampire Knitting Club series by Nancy Warren (if you're looking for a cozy mystery series featuring witches and vampires, this is it--and... Continue Reading →

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