Can’t-Wait Wednesday: Goblin King by Kara Barbieri

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the goblin kingThe Hunt is over but the War has just begun.

Against all odds, Janneke has survived the Hunt for the Stag–but all good things come with a cost. Lydian might be dead, but he took the Stag with him. Janneke now holds the mantle, while Soren, now her equal in every way, has become the new Erlking. Janneke’s powers as the new Stag has brought along haunting visions of a world thrown into chaos and the ghost of Lydian taunts her with the riddles he spoke of when he was alive.

When Janneke discovers the truth of Lydian and his madness, she’s forced to see her tormentor in a different light for the first time. The world they know is dying and Lydian may have been the only person with the key to saving it.

Oh, finally, a sequel to White Stag! Okay, I feel like it’s been forever since the first book came out but it’s been less than two years. So much has happened in that time it feels like five years ago. Anyway. l really did NOT like the first book to this series. So why am I here talking about the sequel? Well, I’m curious. I want to read this one. Is it going to redeem the first book for me? It’s possible! Look, I am a contrary reader lolol. I really am curious about this sequel! Goblin King is expected November 3rd, 2020 from Wednesday Books.

10 thoughts on “Can’t-Wait Wednesday: Goblin King by Kara Barbieri

  1. Tammy says:

    I haven’t read the first book but I’m curious too. I know how you feel, sometimes you just need to know what happens, even if you didn’t like the first book much😁

    • waytoofantasy says:

      Oh, I had a lot of problems with the first book, but I’m super curious! It’s also been a while (almost two years) since the first one came out so I’m wondering if there were some revisions or something because usually it seems about a year between releases (in most cases). So doubly curious!

  2. Bob/Sally says:

    Sometimes it takes that sequel to win you over. I can think of a few series where I was very ‘meh’ on the first book, but a raving fan by the end of the trilogy. Hopefully this pays off!

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