This Week in Reading: Here We Go Again

Well, this will be short and sweet. Pretty much the same as last week! Read two books – finished up The Goblin Emperor, and a romance novel, and that’s it. Didn’t make ANY progress on things I’m supposed to be reading. Welp.

I’m also super behind on blogging stuff. Welp. Also work has gotten crazy, one of my coworkers is leaving and boss has no plans to replace, so not sure how much audio-booking I’ll be able to get in after this week. Welp.

The good news is that the weather has been fantastic and I’ve been enjoying sitting by the window with the breeze and sunshine. This past weekend I marathoned all of season 4 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I’m gonna miss that show! It was so good. And I feel like it dealt with mental health in a way that felt completely realistic for a show that’s not rooted much in realism. Appreciated that so much. Saturday night we went out to our friend’s place and played board games until 230am and I definitely stayed up past my bed time! We’re kind of addicted to Thanos Rising, damn Thanos, always beating us!  Sunday we had brunch with my in-laws at a very pretentious restaurant/bar in the city but it was fun and at least the scenery, company, and food was good. Then we watched Game of Thrones last night and it looks like next week will be very exciting.

Anyway, as far as books, I started listening to Enchantée by Gita Trelease. Other than that, my list remains the same.

How was everyone else’s weekends? What are your plans for this week? Leave a note in the comments, I’d love to hear from you. 😀

17 thoughts on “This Week in Reading: Here We Go Again

  1. Realms of My Mind says:

    I started and finished THE PERFECT ASSASSIN, which was a quick pleasant read, even if I wasn’t over the moon about it. Started CROOKED KINGDOM last night, I think that’s going to take me at least the rest of the week. 500+ pages and tiny print!

  2. Zezee says:

    Well the weekend sounds good. I guess no stress and just go with the flow on all else. That’s what i’m doing: going with the flow because I have a couple balls in the air and dunno which might work out.
    I was pretty busy too. I went on a short road trip to see family which was fun but now I’m tired and behind on stuff too.

  3. evelynreads1 says:

    Enjoy your reading!
    I’m currently reading Sapphire blue and listening to the devil’s thief!


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