The This Is My Genre Tell Me Yours Book Tag


This is a fun little tag I saw over on thelittlebookowl’s blog so I thought I’d take a minute and fill it out.

The Rules:

  • Credit Drew @ TheTattooedBookGeek as the creator of the tag and link back to his blog.
  • Answer the questions.
  • Tag as many people as you want.

 1). What’s your favorite genre?

No doubt SFF, but leaning heavily toward Fantasy. I’m also a huge romance fan so any stories that can combine these elements successfully is a huge plus for me as a reader. (I put on my robe and my wizard hat…)

2). Who’s your favorite author from the genre?

Oh man, we have to pick favorites? Hmm, there are so many great authors but there will never be another like Terry Pratchett. I still haven’t read a ton of his work (I’m thinking about doing a Discworld marathon next year), but Small Gods is in my top five as well as Good Omens (which he co-wrote) and everything I have read by him has been excellent. I’ve never had a ‘celebrity’ death hit me as hard as when Terry Pratchett passed away.

3). What is it about the genre that keeps pulling you back?

I love Fantasy because it’s a genre built on the idea of imagination and ‘what if…’. Plus, within Fantasy itself there are so many different types of stories and different sub-genres so it’s really hard to get completely bored with it. I do take breaks now and then but it doesn’t take much to pull me back into it.

4). What’s the book that started your love for your favorite genre?

Well, this is complicated. I was writing Narnia fanfiction when I was in elementary school, before I even knew what fanfiction was. So I guess you could say that was my first foray into the genre. But then I discovered Baby-Sitter’s Club and Sweet Valley High and I didn’t really get back into the genre until I read Dragonlance and The Chronicles of Amber. Some time in ninth grade I was introduced to Anne McCaffrey and that was it, I was hooked. So, all of the above, but really I owe a lot to The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. 😀

5). If you had to recommend at least one book from your favorite genre to a non-reader/someone looking to start reading that genre, what book would you choose and why?

This is another tough question. I think recommending books really depends on the person. If they’re into mainly romance I might recommend something different than if they read mostly mysteries, or historical fiction. Even though Tolkien is sort of the grandfather of the genre, I wouldn’t even straight up recommend everyone read LotR.

That being said, I’d probably recommend Dune. I know a lot of people probably categorize it as more SF than F, but it’s pretty much Fantasy and contains a ton of the common tropes in the genre, so that’s my pick and I’m sticking with it.



Why? Because Dune is awesome. I clearly remember the first time I read Dune. I was in college, probably around eighteen or nineteen. I was in a chatroom (this is something us old people used to use back in the day for actual chatting before they came out with new chat room options like discord…) and this other user I was talking to had their username set to DukeAtreides. And so naturally I asked about it and received a long response about Dune and how it was the best book ever. Well, I had to check out this ‘best book ever’ of course and holy cow, Dune blew my mind.

Dune is weird. There are desert folks that live on recycled pee and sweat. There are giant sand worms. There are some folks that have powers and weird blue glowing eyes after going through a test and drinking some stuff. And then there’s the Spice. Dune also was one of the first books I read that really started my love for all things political intrigue. You have all of these people fighting over the control of this planet so that they can essentially control this commodity that everyone needs to for interstellar space travel, among other things–spice is also used as a kind of drug which gives different people different kinds of powers. (I don’t remember if Spice is giant worm poop or not, but I feel like if it’s not it should have been just to add even more weirdness to an already weird book). People vying for power and screwing over other people, it’s a tale as old as time, and it plays out beautifully here. There’s honestly just so much going on in this book and it really feels like an epic. I’ve never read any of the sequels and honestly have not really had the desire to do so because the first one was pretty damn great all on its own.

6). Why do you read?

To see what goes on in other people’s imaginations and to foster my own. Sometimes to escape from reality for a while. Most of all, I love getting wrapped up in a story that makes me feel something deeply and move me in an emotional way.

So that’s it! As per usual with tags, not going to tag anyone but if anyone feels like filling this one out consider yourself tagged! 

14 thoughts on “The This Is My Genre Tell Me Yours Book Tag

  1. PerfectlyTolerable says:

    Isn’t Dune ridiculously long and sort of tough to read if you aren’t a huge SFF fan? If you are trying to convert people to SFF that might be a bad choice for newbies 😂 😂 Tho I haven’t actually read it so I can’t judge!!! SFF is my favorite too!!!

    • waytoofantasy says:

      You know, I think I read it when I was like 20 or something? It’s comparable to an epic fantasy imo. Wouldn’t say it’s a tough read but what people find difficult varies lol. It is really long though! 🙂

  2. Justine says:

    I loved this post! I just purchased The Colour of Magic because of the Discworld readathon. I’m 2-3 months behind, but I’m so interested now. I just read the prologue earlier today, and I don’t think I’ll ever think about The Big Bang Theory the same way ever again lol.

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