This Week In Reading: Second Verse, Same as the First

Ok, so I have a confession. I had a pretty terrible time last week reading-wise and only finished one fantasy novel and one non-fantasy novel–both audiobooks.

I’m really only about 60 pages into the Hobb book (Assassin’s Quest). I enjoyed the very start of it a lot, and I’m not sure why I haven’t felt like picking it up much. I’ve pretty much made every excuse to procrastinate reading this book including doing some housework (gasp!). I’ve had plenty of time to read, I just…haven’t. Damn you, book, you will not defeat me! So, anyway, back on the ball. Going to make an effort to finish reading this book sometime this week so as to get back on track.

I also fell slightly behind in my audiobooks as well. I’d hoped to finish up Last Dragon Standing mid-week and then jump into two shorter books, one of which is A Wrinkle in Time. But I guess my mood carried over into audio and I just didn’t listen as much as I could have. So, up this week in audio, A Wrinkle in Time. After that I don’t have anything else lined up immediately so I guess I’ll see what my library has to offer for immediate checkout. (Man, I love Overdrive.)

In other non-book related news, managed to see two movies this weekend, Black Panther and Annihilation. Loved them both but had some sort of cerebral experience with Annihilation. I think I’m probably going to write a review for that one some time this week (maybe both if I get the time.)

Enjoy your week and happy reading!

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