2018 Reading Goals

As we’re near the end of February, this post discussing my reading goals for this year may seem like it’s a bit late. But I thought I’d talk about my reading goals now that we’re a little way into the year and see how I’ve been doing so far and if I want to shift any of my goals around.

Goodreads Reading Challenge

Every year goodreads runs a challenge based solely on the number of books read. Goodreads is actually great for tracking my reading (when it isn’t being all buggy) and I update my reading there frequently. And even though I have also started keeping a spreadsheet to track my reading throughout the year, I usually track my books goodreads first and then fill out my spreadsheet only once or twice a month.

Anyway, last year I ended up with one-hundred-fifty books and manga vols (I didn’t track all of my manga, or it would have been closer to one-hundred-seventy-five), most of those books. Despite that, I set my goal at one-hundred books for 2018. I don’t want to have the pressure of trying to live up to last year again. I may very well read one-hundred-fifty books again, but I don’t want the stress of feeling like I need to get to that number. One-hundred, for me, feels manageable. So far, I have read twenty-three books and am nine books ahead of schedule according to goodreads, so that seems to be going well.

r/Fantasy Book Bingo Challenge

This is a yearly reading challenge that I run on the r/fantasy subreddit that runs from April 1st of every year to March 31st of the following year. There are twenty-five squares on the card of various categories to match up with books. You can get the full information about the current card here.

It’s nearing the end of the bingo period, which can be a scramble for me as I’m not only trying to finish up squares, but also frantically prepping for the end of one bingo period and making the new card. This year I’m not doing bad, so far I have twenty-four out of twenty-five squares completed. I only have four more short stories to read and I’ll be all done. As for my prep-work for the new card, that is mostly done as well. Then we’ll be starting the new card in April and I’ll once again have twenty-five brand new squares to fill!

Catching Up

So, I read a lot of SFF, obviously. Fantasy, especially, is prone to books in series rather than stand alone novels. I have a tenancy to read a book from a series here, then read a book from a series there, and even if I’m enjoying the series ‘Oh! Look! Something new and shiny!’. As a result I have a lot of unfinished series. This year one of my reading goals is to try and catch up on some of those series. That doesn’t mean I don’t also want to still read new books and explore new series. I just am being more conscious about the books I’m choosing to read.

Last year I had this same goal and I did manage to read a good amount of sequels but I also started something like forty new series. FORTY. That’s just crazy to me. How did that happen? Oh, right. New and shiny. How am I doing so far this year? More than half the books I’ve read have been sequels so far and of the ones that were not sequels at least two were stand alone novels and two were first in series but a re-read. So far, I think I’m doing better than last year but this is something to be monitored.

All this being stated, at the end of the day I’m still a mood reader. That means that I don’t really have a strict reading schedule planned out. I read what I’m in the mood for at any given moment. Sometimes that might be a epic fantasy tome, thick with world-building and a huge cast of characters. Other times it may be something comedic like a Pratchett novel or something with some romance. Ultimately my tbr pile is at the whim of my mood and I will try to keep all of these reading goals in mind and hopefully I’ll meet them but as long as I’m happy with what I’m reading, that’s really the most important thing to me as a reader.

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