Mini Reviews: Vampire Short Fiction

One of my squares for this past year's r/fantasy book bingo was Five Short Stories and since I was doing an all vampire themed card, I read some vampire shorts for it! I actually have a couple of vampire themed anthologies (because I'm me, so of course I do), but all of these are from … Continue reading Mini Reviews: Vampire Short Fiction

Monthly Wrap Up: September 2019

September was a bit of an odd month for me. I only read nine books, eight SFF books and one non-fiction self-help book. But the beginning of the month had me binge-reading manga, one omnibus of Sweet Blue Flowers and the first nineteen volumes of Yona of the Dawn. The second two weeks of the … Continue reading Monthly Wrap Up: September 2019

Book Review: Sabella or The Blood Stone by Tanith Lee

Summary: DRACULA? A mere figment of superstition, a thing that could not exist. SABELLA? A very real person, an enticing girl of flesh and warmth - who detested the sunlight, who required the blood of young men to feed upon, who was all that Dracula was said to be except never one of the "undead." … Continue reading Book Review: Sabella or The Blood Stone by Tanith Lee

Friday Favorite Five: Short Story Collections / Anthologies

For previous posts and future FFF topics check out my Friday Favorite Five page here. Favorite Five Short Story Collections / Anthologies I used to be a lot more into reading anthologies and short fiction than I am now, but I still really enjoy it and it's something I'd like to get back into reading … Continue reading Friday Favorite Five: Short Story Collections / Anthologies