Friday Favorite Five: Books with Desert Settings

For previous posts and future FFF topics check out my Friday Favorite Five page here. Favorite Five Books with Desert Settings Here is another list where I'm not sure why I made it. Have I even read that many books with desert settings? Ummm...????? Let's see how this one goes, haha! The Girl of Fire... Continue Reading →


Massive Bookhaul of Massiveness

So, a couple of weeks ago one of my oldest friends (who now runs a comic book shop in PA) called me and said they'd gotten a huge collection of fantasy novels in (20 boxes) and would I like to come up and go through them before he did anything with them. Of course I... Continue Reading →

Author Spotlight: Melanie Rawn

This originally appeared as part of the Author Appreciation series on the r/fantasy forum. You can check out more of the Author Appreciation series here. A Very Short Biography Melanie Rawn was born in 1954. Before getting her start in fiction she worked as a teacher and also an editor. She has a degree in... Continue Reading →

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