Friday Favorite Five: Bookstores

Since I'm making this a regular feature of the blog going forward I made a new page for it that can be easily located at the top level menu on the navigation bar. This page will have all the upcoming topics and past posts. I have a really corny banner that I threw together, hopefully … Continue reading Friday Favorite Five: Bookstores

Friday Favorite Five: Places to Read

I'm fond of making lists, so I thought I'd start making some list posts as a regular thing on Fridays. To keep things simple I'm just calling them Friday Favorite Five. (I briefly looked around to see if anyone was already doing something similar on Fridays, but didn't see anything so thought I'd make my … Continue reading Friday Favorite Five: Places to Read

Unicornblues’ Five Fave Fantasy Flicks

Let me preface this by noting that this is my own personal list of favorites. I'm not trying to say these are the best movies out there, just that they're the ones I happen to enjoy the most. Everyone has different tastes and what one person finds interesting and entertaining, another person might think is … Continue reading Unicornblues’ Five Fave Fantasy Flicks