This Week in Reading: New Adventures in Old Rebellions and Fantastic Obstacle Courses

This week I’m listening to Iron Gold by Pierce Brown, the next trilogy in the Red Rising universe. I was really excited to dive into this one because I absolutely love the Red Rising books, and they’re the first audiobooks that made me feel like, yeah, I can listen to audiobooks without my mind wandering off a million times. (Thank you, Tim Gerard Reynolds!) So, I’m almost five hours in and loving it so far. I LOVE that it is showing how long and complex a rebellion can be and all of the consequences and shifts in power. And how wanting to liberate people is a great ideal, but things often go very wrong in the process. It’s sparking all kinds of thoughts in my head like ‘are we better sometimes just living in ignorance?’ and such. Anyway. The new POV characters I’m still getting used to, but I already find them really interesting and I love that we’re seeing everything in a broader scope.

I’m also reading Poisoned Blade by Kate Elliott, the second book in her Court of Fives series. This one I just started last night so I’m only about 50 pages in or so, but I’m enjoying it so far and it feels good to be back in this world. I love the obstacle course which is akin to American Ninja Warrior, and all of the world-building which explores some of the complexities of colonialism. Kate Elliott really is a master at crafting interesting and detailed worlds. If world-building is your thing, I’d say definitely check out some of her work.

What is everyone else reading this week? Leave a comment and let me know, maybe even help add to my To Be Read mountain.

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