Tor’s Standalone Fantasy Recs

A while back we dedicated an entire podcast to standalone fantasy novels. Why? I think standalone works are notable in a genre dominated by series. For one thing, standalone novels are great for introducing someone to the fantasy genre because they have far less commitment than a trilogy or an even longer series (Malazan and Wheel of Time–I’m looking at you.) I count some standalones as my favorite works in fantasy; I think it’s true that sometimes less is more.

Today, Tor published an article listing some great standalones. Check them out if you get a chance. A few we mentioned on our podcast, but there are others that we did not get a chance to bring up. It’s a great list, even if it does leave off The Princess Bride.

Do you have any favorite standalone fantasy works? Personally, I’m all about Good Omens. But, really there are so many to choose from, who can pick just one?

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